Hurricane Gustav

Every year Hurricanes hit southern America. People always die, but it is only every few years that this happens on a really big scale. Like when Hurrican Katrina struck. It may die out, before it even reaches there. I survived a Hurricane, and so do millions of other people every year.
Live below sea-level and wonder why your living room resembles an indoor pool? Katrina was what, a Cat 2? Think what a cat4/5 is going to do. I am worried that the Homeland Security believe they have learned their lesson from the last one....this time they will shoot people on sight!!!!!

How come it can take 5 days to get assistance to people within your own borders and yet within 8 hours of an earthquake half way around the world - the planes are on the way?

I pray for the citizens of New Orleans and hope you all get through this one safe. You can fight everone but you can't fight Mother Nature.
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