Hurricane Gustav


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Just a line to say good luck to any Arrsers based in Louisiana (and my cousins in Florida)- let's hope Mayor Nagin putting the fear of God into his citizens in the Big Easy will turn out to be OTT.

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Gustav is probably one of the best things to happen to the GOP in recent times.

Dubya and Cheney have cancelled their appearences at the GOP convention. And so has Schwarzenegger.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney will skip the Republican Presidentian Convention due to Hurricane Gustav, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino announced Sunday.

Good for McCain who at the moment does not want to be seen within a 100 miles of these bozos.

Good luck to the folks down there. This certainly looks like the big one. Katrina was a CAT 3 when it hit. Projections are this will be a a CAT 4 or even a CAT 5.

Gustav? Sounds like a Russian operation to me.


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Former Royal Engineer Alan Pond said:

“I’ve got my barbeque, a 12-gauge shotgun, an automatic pistol, gallons of water, we’ve boarded everything up, we’ve fed the animals, we’ve got everything we need – we’re ready,” he told the Times Online.

“This house has been here since the 1880s, it’s going to be fine.”


Good luck feller.....hope the roof stays put. Ubique ya bassa !

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Have to admire the skill with which the mayor managed to get reelected after cocking it up last time, and the skill with which he and the State Governor (who had primary responsibility) managed to shift all the blame onto the federal govt. I recall, for instance, the pics of all those school buses up to their engines in flood water that could have been used to shift the car-less to safety. However Nagin seems to have sharpened up this time.


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Goatman said:
Former Royal Engineer Alan Pond said
Update today 1800 GMT:

Alan Pond is originally from Aylesbury and now lives in New Orleans.

I have been out of power since 6am. I think the storm is now dying off. We felt gusty winds and very little rain, and it should be cleared in the next two hours. It is currently 30ºC and humidity is 50% to 60%, so the weather is a bit clammy.

I am very worried about my boat, which is in the Marina in New Orleans. I will try to go and check it before the curfew.

I still believe the authorities exaggerated Gustav's strength and I think I was right to think that it wouldn't live up to the hysteria I saw in the media. I can't see any major damage, but that is of course from what I can see from my house, which didn't flood when then levees broke with Katrina.

We've got plenty of food, liquid, and Tilley lamps. My wife is an expert camper, so we had a delicious omelette.
It's only cat2,farted stronger.


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Royal Navy helps clean up after Hurricane Gustav

Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke and Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Wave Ruler have been helping the people of the Cayman Islands following the destruction caused by Hurricane Gustav which passed through the region at the weekend.

As well as conducting patrols around Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, Iron Duke's Lynx helicopter was made available to conduct damage assessment the morning after Hurricane Gustav hit the islands. Throughout the period, the ships were primed to provide humanitarian relief if required.

The Lynx launched with the Iron Duke's Second-in-Command, Lieutenant Commander Dean Bassett, on board. On arrival at Cayman Brac, the District Commissioner also embarked and an aerial assessment of the damage to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac was made. This proved invaluable and enabled recovery plans to be made, based upon the photographic evidence gathered during the flight.

The next morning Iron Duke's Captain, Commander Mark Newland, flew ashore to meet with the Cayman Islands Governor, Stuart Jack. A further flight over the two sister islands allowed the Governor to see the progress being made through the recovery efforts. The Governor was especially grateful to the Royal Navy in the form of HMS Iron Duke and RFA Wave Ruler for being in the right position to render assistance had Gustav been a more significant hurricane.

Cdr Newland said:

"It is clear from my conversation with the Governor this morning that the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary have provided the Cayman Islands with the confidence that we are available to help in the event of a hurricane threatening the islands.

"I am just grateful that Gustav, powerful as it was, was not sufficient to cause much damage to the Cayman Islands. This is testament to the quality of their Disaster Relief Organisation."

Iron Duke and Wave Ruler have now completed their tasks and have been released to continue with their programmes. However they remain ready should future hurricanes threaten the UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean region during what is anticipated to be an active hurricane season.

The present HMS Iron Duke is the third ship to bear the name and the fifth Duke Class Type 23 frigate built for the Royal Navy. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders at Scotstoun on the Clyde and was launched on 2 March 1991. She was accepted into service by the Royal Navy on 23 July 1992 and commissioned on 20 May 1993.

The first warship was an Ironclad launched in 1870. She spent much of her time on the China Station and was the first capital ship to use the Suez Canal. The second Iron Duke, a super Dreadnought, joined the fleet in 1914 and was Admiral Jellicoe's flagship at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
The ship pictured in European waters

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