Hurricane Gordon to hit UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PassingBells, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. was going to say WAH but fair one.
  2. Is this Hurricane Higgins' brother?
  3. Here in NI we usualy get the last bit of a Hurricane nothing big just a bit of gale winds and bad weather.
  4. I am working not that far from the K Club and the weather is gorgeous - short sleeve order with sunglasses!
  5. Lucky you. Gordon has a long reach though.
  6. Makes me glad I'm in a strong old building all night, built in 1759 a good year for buildings but not so good for beers.
  7. A pal of mine down on the West coast of Ireland reports its awful there at present. Batten down the hatches, its coming our way!!!
  8. My young son says the hurricane is a reason for him not going to school tomorrow! I wonder if my boss will buy that one from me!!!
  9. Tonight its got really rough the lights are flickering and we had to be out in a field showing kids stuff for a few hours.
  10. I'm at the south coast of Co.Down and its gotten pretty bad here. I'm actually waiting for my dad and bro to come round the peir shortly in the fishing boat. Due in at 9.30 but no sign yet. tho due to the very strong winds and rough seas it should be a while before there in.
  11. Guess the residents of cornwall and cardiff would have to set up thier own storm shelters before they get sucked up by that feckin twister!.
  12. I was walking to school when i seen two big tree's lieing in the middle of a path.
  13. A big HELLO to all the happy campers on Magilligan training area!