Hurricane Dig

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by W.Anchor, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. In Kent this weekend the RE are trying to dig up a Hurricane that was shot down during the Battle Of Britain. During all this time no one has ever bothered to recover the remains of the pilot. As this site is about to be built over this is the chance to recover the remains of the pilot and give him a decent burial
  2. Im sure the lads will conduct this with the decency required, and place this brave man finally at rest.

    Top respect.
  3. well done the RE s
  4. couple of my mates are doing this job and they will do it well
    even managed to get on the tv
    get the beers in lads!!!
  5. Good show chaps.

    I recall seeing a documentary on probably 15+ years ago in which some civvy cnuts dug a Spitfire from a marshy field after being told of it's location by a local who'd seen it go in. They had the remains of the aircraft on a lorry and off the site before they called two baffled-looking coppers to come and get the remains of the pilot that they had left in 2 black bags; I kid you not. Clueless grave robbing scum.
  6. How did it go? Did they recover the a/c and get him out?
  7. No,The Casualty File report says the RE's stopped digging at 18ft in 1940. The RE's in 2007 used an excavator with a 6 metre reach. Its highly likely Flt Sgt Eric Williams body is quite some distance down. It was reported that the ground in 1940 was like a sponge.

    A Hawker Hurricane carried out a fly-past over Gravesend at 11am as a tribute to his wartime exploits.
  8. Damn shame that they have given up the dig. Perhaps it is time to mark the site as a war grave and let him rest in peace (no matter what a developer wants to do).
  9. Thanks for the answer.

    May he continue to rest in peace.