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Oil brokers trade blows with eco-warriors
By James Sturke
17 February 2005

Greenpeace campaigners, not a group of people unaccustomed to flying in the face of danger, were forced into a tactical retreat yesterday after feeling the wrath of angry oil traders.

On the day the Kyoto Protocol came into force, 35 eco-warriors stormed the Interna- tional Petroleum Exchange [IPE] in the City. Armed with fog horns, rape alarms and whistles they tried to stall business by creating a deafening noise that made it impossible for the traders to work. But the campaigners, who took ear plugs to hand out to traders, appear to have underestimated the hostility from their intended victims.
One demonstrator described how "all hell broke loose" on the trading floor: "We were actually getting battered. We weren't fighting back, which makes it even worse." Greenpeace's executive director, Steven Tindale, said: "They kind of pinned us into the corner, there were a couple of dozen around us. We were non-violent and peaceful and we made it clear that's what we were there for but there were quite a few blows raining down on our heads.

"They pulled a metal bookcase down on our heads. They were trying to use that to push us back out so that was the moment we decided to retreat."

He said he was shocked. "They weren't interested in our message, they just laid into us. They wereswearing at us, it wasn't very subtle. Everyone who goes on a Greenpeace action is trained in non-violent direct action, so we know not to respond, although a few swear words may have come from ourselves."

At least one person was injured and taken to hospital by paramedics. Police arrested two dozen protesters for various public order offences and took them to local police stations, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

The IPE specialises in "open outcry" trading where business is carried out in audible surroundings. By making so much noise, the protesters hoped to sabotage all trading between 2pm and 7.30pm, but a spokeswoman for IPE said all trading had resumed by 3.15pm.

Greenpeace started a second protest, at the annual dinner of the Institute of Petroleum at the Grosvenor House hotel on London's Park Lane, and ruined table settings with red wine

:D :D :D :D :D Should teach those sh1ts not to interfere with someone trying to make a living.
It happened on the LIFFE floor & IPE a few years ago too during one of those 'Reclaim the Streets' days... I know some of the brokers who got in amongst it! :wink:
Excellent! Of coure they weren't interested in their "message", cos it's claptrap. Hmm - "we pissed off some very stressed angry people by trying to prevent them from doing their jobs; this pissed them off even more and they swore at us, penned us into a corner & dropped a bookcase on us - they weren't very nice!" No shît, sherlock!!! :twisted:
....and 30 of the great unwashed staged a sit-in at Birmingham ACIO this week.
Shame we couldnt offer them city hospitality in Brum :D

Soap dodgers were surprised at the level of aggression leveled at them by people in their own workplace because they dont work themselves.

Dossers and attention seekers I would have been happy if each had been kicked to within an inch of their lives and then taken down to the Thames and drowned
I have posted that article on the urban75 forum and await their rath! :twisted:

I will update you asap.

first one in less than 1 min

Originally Posted by Blagsta
You don't really live on the same planet as the rest of us do you?
No, i live in the real world where people have jobs and take responsibility for their actions!
ISTR City Traders waving wads of £50 notes at soapdodgers some years ago, while yelling LOADSA MONEY..............
'uckin hell the pinkos are biting.

:D :D :D
Pinko baiting is the sport of kings :D

Jailorinumqusar, you dont happen to be on the inside do you? :wink:
God its a real bunfight in there!

Almost like the naafi at closing time, but plenty more pinkos to punch :twisted:
Wow! I just read the thread - reply #1 was ad hominem, and Godwin's Law had been infringed by about post 5 or 6! It's a new record! Not even BB related threads do that in the Naafi!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Looks like a few ARRSE blokes over there: check the subtle use of the name of our Forum....

Anyone who does venture over there to make a post please dont make to many or obvious quotes about arrse as we dont really want a forum war ending in the hacking of either site, although feel free to rip the pish! :D
Originally Posted by Red Jezza
oh no you don't. well wriggled - again. right at the core of your philosophy is the fuckwitted notion that collective responsibility is a miragel; that we are ALL 100% responsible for EVERY aspect of our own lives - including the possibility of being ill. self-reliance before the winds of fate is therefore the key - and here, you and they are wedded to the helping hand of the state, for the unfortunate, which is exactly the credo of that socialist creation, the welfare state.
And selfishness, in all things, is the flip to that parody of a belief system - but that's practically a socialist job you do, especially if it's public sector (as I presume it is). you're practically a commie!
My reply

Again, you fail to grasp a simple concept of a modern society. With liberty comes responsibility. When you make a decision to do something, you carry the responsibility for the end results.

For example, imagine a man who gets into his car drunk, then drives home and kills a mother and daughter going home from the park. His choice to get in the car when drunk has consequences (like the death of the two innocents) and as such if he had balls he would admit it was his fault and take responsibilty for his actions. However, not a lot of people on here can comprehend the notion of responsibility for ones actions.

And as for my job, i do get to sit around most of the day but still help people to get over illness and disease (which once more for the hard of thinking) are not self inflicted, therefore the sufferer having no responsibility for the fact that they have the disease/illness. And as fro being a socialist, i'm not! Guess what, i work in the private sector, make a good wage, and have stocks and shares in petroleum companies, arms dealers and a small pimping racket round the corner from me. :twisted:
Well baiting Socialist is very good sport, if a bit too easy, a point of note, they are not all thicko's. Case in point on U75:

17-02-2005, 05:25 PM
anarchostalinist Join Date: May 2002
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Originally Posted by armourer
use hotmail or yahoo, just make up the details and use it to register with U75, once they have sent you the validation email and notify you of acceptence just delete all reference to the hotmail/yahoo addy from your computer and never use that addy again.

There are at least 3 coppers that use the site and are known as such but they are lftie tossers themselves, brain paddick being one.

The rules of the site apply to you but not to the editors little mates
who break them at will, you however can get banned.

Politics/Protest forums are were most of the anti Brit/US posts are, at the moment al jezeerah is their info site of choice, they won't have it that al jezlyinbollockserah is a somewhat biased news source.

They like to come across as hard cnuts but having once got pissed off with one particular moron I tracked him down and did a face to face he ended up crying and I hadn't even layed a finger on him....not as hard as he thought...turned out to be a 40 yr old dullard permenantly stoned or pissed as his life is so boring. Soft as shite.

they do have a couple of script kiddies and lowlevel wannebe hackers so a little common sense is needed.

Have fun.

Army intelligence ain't what it used to be, eh?

I have Agent_Smith (smithy)'s password now by the way. Cheers!
this chap has a particularly weird website www.
That cominform blog is hilarious!

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