Discussion in 'Infantry' started by theparamancan, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know if the RAF video of the bloke getting hung up from a C130 is available on the internet anywhere? I think it was late 80's and he was 15 PARA.
  2. I read the report of that incident and how HUPRA was deployed.

    Top scores to the guy for getting back on the herc and having another try.

    There must be a thin line between bravery and madness.

  3. It was the incident that was re-enacted on the BBC's '999' series and should be available through the BBC themselves.
  4. Just curious - wtf is HUPRA?
  5. No WAH..

    Hung Up Parachutist Release Assembly
  6. It was 1993 or 4. It was down to him that the elastic band tied to the CSPEP on the trailing leg was introduced - to tie up any suspension rope slack. Maybe he should have submitted a GEMS instead of just showing off.
  7. Yeah but i'm pretty sure the actual event was filmed from within the Herc (Saw it at Brize when I did my jumps - they fast forward a good few minutes of the Aircrew flapping like f*ck)
  8. yeah i saw that video when i was at PTS ,RAF guys were flapping like a tear in a tramps over coat
  9. I knew one of the PJI's on the original video, it was being filmed from within the C130, they knew immediately he'd been hung up and cracked on with the plan. It had only previously happened in the States, hence PTS had a plan and the kit so they were more then ready.

    Good skills from PTS, C130 pilots/crew and the hung-up bloke, wasn't he unconscious by the time they released him ?
  10. And they weren't flapping like fcuk, they were working their balls off in an unfamiliar situation in order to save a mans life.
  11. Christ! I reckon the Brigade Para Squadron blokes and the whole of PTS are one of the most professional organisations in the military. Everyone takes everything so seriously on this site these days. If i was dangling along behind a C130, the PJI's could take as long as they pleased to sort me out and cut me away!
  12. Always used to remember looking at that bit of kit on the Herc and thinking and hoping that they never had to use it on me as in those days they never had much practice in using it.
  13. So why did you post on a public forum that they were flapping on the aircraft then ?

    They don't have long to initiate HUPRA procedures in case you are injured, do you think they would attempt to land the a/c with a hung-up parachutist, or do you think they would cut you free regardless of whether they had successfully used the kit ?

    Yes I'm being serious, get some sky on your smock and deal with a few dramas yourself and you might take it seriously as well.
  14. Give Brize a ring - either PTS or JATE - they'll be well happy to discuss it with you.