Huntsmen in full cry to capture top English icon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LostBoss, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. So presumably to the great chagrin of The Labour Party spin machine the online voting to find the quintessential icon of Englishness has run into a hurdle.

    Fox hunting is well into the running and threatens to emerge as the icon supplanting such labour favourites as a cup of Tea. Presumably they haven’t heard of the Henry Martini or Short Magazine Lee Enfield……..

    The Spitfire is there but to my Knowledge it doesn’t have a bayonet fitting so doesn’t count

    Anyway this is the online voting site

    Icons Web Page
  2. Look on the bright side - we can't legally hunt lamb & chicken murdering foxes but our children can be taught by sex offenders! Education, Education, Education?!
  3. Oh the irony. Just voted for fox hunting. Might do it again in a minute.
  4. Trooping the Colour is also down as a prospective English icon. In the comments box;

    "Ideally illustrates the pomp and circumstance of English military history and culture

    Peter Karry"

  5. Just voted, and am now emailing all I ken to suggest they do the same!
  6. I bet this will end up like the "greatest Dutchman of all time", when an overwhelming result for Pim Fortuyn got suspiciously changed to a win for some leftie personality...
  7. What a sad nation the English are.They need something to focus on every year whether it be football,cricket,rugby,golf,tennis,snooker,or the Royals performing their wee bit for the nation.You have good history behind you pick something along those lines folks.
  8. Yes....

    I have a notion that this might come into play somewhere along the lines

  9. Correct we do have a good history. That history includes foxhunting from the early part of the 16th Century. It gets my vote.
  10. It is also very important because it is part of a culture that this government has tried to do away with by force.
  11. Most of the other suggestions are what tourists to our country see as 'icons of Britain'. The tower bridge, the wrongly named 'Big Ben', London Busses etc.

    For the British, they are all icons of London. Countryside? All countries have countryside. Pubs? All countries (okay, maybe not in the middle east!) have pubs or cafes.

    But a view that just fits perfectly in the countryside, outside a country pub and is depicted in many country pubs on the plates and artwork displayed in them is the sight of horses, hounds and people in hunting pinks. It is a sight that is familiar to most of the true people of Britain in artwork or pictorial form, even if not at first hand (maybe not the chavs & chavettes), as well as a great majority of people in the world.

    In short a true Icon of Britain whether the leftys or the animal rights wierdos like it or not.
  12. How about 16th April as a day? Culloden - fantastic!
  13. Aren't 3/5 of the Guards from the other parts of the UK (i.e. Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards as opposed to Grenadier and Coldstream Guards)?
  14. Hence my calling Mr Karry a mong...
  15. I wonder which tit nominated the V1 and V2 rockets? :roll: