Huntley pops some more pills

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Being reported on the BBC News site that Ian Huntley has attempted suicide again, but his condition is not "life-threatening".
    My own view is that he should have been executed after his trial, which would spare us all having to suffer his pathetic attempts at publicity.
    Of course, our legal system prevented this (low cost) option, so it is inevitable that he will continue to parade his self-pity on a regular basis for years to come. It must tear the parents of the two girls apart.
    Can't society stop his treatment or something?
  2. Executions going a bit far. They should lock the cnut up by himself in the dark 24 hours day and with absolutely no human contact feed via an IV drip the list could and should go on...
  3. Just give the cnut a good regular kicking. 90% of society would benefit from the same
  4. The chemist should make sure he has the right pills and plenty of them next time.

    Be a bonus if he was force fed HRT pills then left in a room with a Bull Elephant Seal.
  5. Why give him his own cell? I'm sure there is somebody, more then happy to get rid of him for us.
  6. shame if i was the prison officer i would had let him carry on.

    in fact i would of gone out and bought some for the ******.
  7. onCant someone give huntley a overdose

  8. Lay of the Play-Doh, fucknuts.

    Your aunty still tampering with your colon?
  9. Actually flash we are ******* your mrs

    We nearly threw up a mouth full of stella then :D
  10. Boys, shut up.
  11. Fecker would probably enjoy it but good idea anyway
  12. Why let him him die? That'd be giving him what he wants, if prison/life is that bad then keep hime alive to suffer it.

  13. Prison life aint that bad though.

    Let him die and give him what he wants? Too right. Let God judge him.
  14. That is if there is a god.

  15. Either way, he's not our problem anymore and not one penny of my taxes goes towards his upkeep.