Huntley found unconcious again


for the second time Ian Huntley has been found "heavily sedated" in his cell, you can't get the prison staff these days can ya! third time lucky I hope.
They should not let him die - he needs to rot in jail for another 50 years. Suicide is too easy for him.
Checks the concern-o-meter...

nope no movement at all.
He should be released. So the fathers of his victims can get all revengified on his ass!
URFA said:
He should be released. So the fathers of his victims can get all revengified on his ass!
agree totally there my friend.
I must admit to a certain amount of ambivalence here: he needs to spend the next 50 or so years looking over his shoulder for a visit from Bubba, but on the other hand, the sooner he starts spending eternity being dry-bummed by Satan and all his little minions, the better (and it saves us a $hitload of cash as well). Could we look upon this as win-win?
How does he get the gear for these suicide bids? Isn't he in a prison ffs? I know drugs are rife in there but he's on a sex case wing surely so should be isolated to a degree. Plus with a history of trying to pop his clogs you'd think someone might be keeping an eye on him!

I think best we introduce the 'Midnight Express' prison model and get medieval on the likes of him.
I agree with the above posting, suicide is too easy of an escape.
Although he is a drain on the tax payer he deserves to be left to rot in a cell and left to drive himself mad with his 'torment'.

Although a weekly visit from said Fathers of the victims would prove an interesting break in the routine of prison life.
I think he now needs a break
somewhere off Queensland would be fine
Now I wouldn't mind watching that on animal plant
Maybe we can infiltrate the sex offenders wing - MDN probably knows it like the back of his hand - and pass Huntley a vial of sedatives. Imagine his discomfort when he discovers they are actually super-strength viagra and he passes into a semi-coma state while he dies of gangrene of the knob as his circulatory system works overtime to keep it up.

Yes, cuddles is grumpy and discontented again but I probably would have come up with that idea if in even mental keel. I mean I take it as a professional insult when they describe the likes of the Abu Ghraib septics as "torturers"..nae class at a'!
portugirl said:
I have to agree with the guys out there who think that the girls Fathers sould be let deal with the piece of filth!!!!!
No...Actually I'd prefer to let the Mothers sort the little sh1te out.I mean women can be (& often are!) more sadistic than us mere men.We've been constantly been getting tortured by them for decades!!! :p
Huntley need only stay in jail for a couple more years and then there will be 'startling new evidence' a al Jill Dando, to prove that all murderers are innocent because a letter 't' wasn't crossed on page 45 of witness 65b's statement, therefore casting the entire conviction as unsafe.
"..when you're wounded out on Afghanistan's plains and the women come out to cut up what remains, then crawl to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a soldier.."

Definitely leave it to the ladies...they are far more vicious when it comes to defending their own.

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