Hunting trip in Tunisia anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by catchyerselfon, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Wrong place, wrong time. Can I assume they don't have PACE over there?
  2. The "cameraman" wants sacking.
  3. 12 Swedish tourists on a boar shooting trip apparently.
    Dragged from their taxis while trying to get to the airport.....

  4. Tunisian Police said 4 of them are German but reports are mixed. Apparently a couple of them are still missing, some are holed up in hotels and the Police rescued those 3 from the mob. Apparently they had all the relevant permits and paperwork
    I supose that to your average rioter a hunting rifle looks much the same as a sniper rifle
    Some of them got a fairly nasty kicking from the crowd it would appear.

    Swedish boar hunters beaten amid Tunisia chaos - Telegraph
  5. Who the hell goes to Tunisia to hunt boar? According to a recent thread on ARRSE, France is overrun by them and it is open season. This sounds like the excuse a number of former Guantanamo inmates came up with for being caught in Afghanistan 'it is easier to practise my religion here than in England/Germany/USA' (delete as applicable) - either that or they were on 'computer courses'.
  6. No idea, but some reports say the Tunisian Police say they had the appropriate permits.
  7. ...would love to pop up to shoot some boar, but currently tied down in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) with some loon running around in a suit proclaiming to be the president (a president walt?), while the AU is fighting off one assault after the other from the 'other' President.
  8. If costs are the issue, I have a house in the Charente right on the edge of a forest which has a number of boar roaming in it (although I've never seen any, I've certainly seen where they've gouged out the ground in search of food). Available to rent at a surprisingly reasonable cost..... Why go to Algeria? They are certainly not keen on the French there - too much shared history and bad memories.
  9. Well at least they were not Swiss. The Swiss have "form" (allegedly) for a bit of biped hunting where the chaos allows it to go un-noticed.
  10. Not sure about Tunisia but a few years ago boar hunting in Sind, Pakistan was great fun. They just shoot them for fun, they are inedible I am told though I was never tempted to try to find out for myself... And yes, boar is very much haram.
  11. Surely it is unethical to shoot something just for fun - fun should be a by-product of shooting for food.
    The exception being chavs - everyday should be open season.
  12. Morocco is fairly easy going and the locals are friendly but like most other Arab states I would not want to get the locals stirred up, they definately have a mob mentality and appear to be easily led by rabble rousers. Morocco does have hunting available see here :- Hunting in Morocco and I can get ham etc from my local supermarket but it is all imported from France or Spain! They also grow a lot of wine some of which is drinkable!
  13. Certainly eaten in Algeria by the Kabylies, who are Berber not Arab, some are muslim some are atheist and some have their own tribal witchcraft beliefs. 'Sanglier' is hunted pretty regularly by the mountain folk, who are disparaged by the city folk as 'bad muslims' for eating pork. They counter that the city folk are 'bad muslims' because they drink alcohol.
  14. Agreed, I've had some shocking haircuts in my time!