Hunting The English

I thought I'd post this here, given it is about a book, though, I know, if I put it out in the NAAFI it would receive a more ' nuanced' and ' reasoned' response from a larger audience

The Angry Island: Hunting the English
by A.A. Gill

random quotes:

" I better come clean. You may have suspected I don't like the English. One at a time, I don't mind them. A lot of my friends were born between the cliff and the wall. It's their collective persona I can't warm to. The lumpen and louty, course, unsubtle, beady-eyed, beefy-bummed herd of England."

" Collectively and individually, the English are angry about something. The pursed lip and the muttered expletives, the furious glance and the beeteled brow are England's national costume. A simmering, unfocussed lurking anger is the collective cross England bears with ill grace.. Anger has made the English an ugly race. "

He does offer this compliment:

[ an admirable achievement ] " Their heroic self-control. It's the daily struggle of not giving in to your natural inclination to run amok with a cricket bat, to spit and bite in a crowded tea room, that I admire most in the Enlgish. It's not what they are, but their ability to supress what they are, that's what is great about the Egnlish. "

Gill deconstructs English from their faces,their voices, their love of pets, class, propensity for drink, sport andgardening, political correctness and nostalgia for ' the Empire '..

" the English queue because they have to. If they didn't they'd kill each other. The pressure of boiling anger in the average post office is only contained by the shared knowledge that this is as fair as can possibly be arranged in this life. they would rip the head off Mathatma Ghandi if he tried to renew his TV licence ahead of them. "

fair and accurate analysis or time to take a cricket bat upside Gill's head??
A load of bollox and that is just the quotes you used.

I am an Englishman and proud of it, I have always considered the Jocks to be more angry.

Look at their take on history. Listen to the average sweaty and they'll have you believe that the highlanders at Cullodin were killed by English, not mainly Lowland Regiments a few Highland units, English Regiments largely manned by Jocks and all in all led by a johny foreigner to boot.

Then they'll mutter something about the "English" killing loads of jocks before/during/after Cullodin.

Then they'll mention something about being taught their history in school, but that history forgets minor details like the Jacobites (ie Mel Gibsons side in Braveheart) having orders to kill all they found in "English" camps prior to Cullodin, including women and children.

Need I go on?

prpensity to drink? When I think of a hard drinking nation, I think of the English drinking Sherry, the Paddies drinking Guiness and a load of weegees drinking buckfast under the overpass.

This doesn't sound like a serious attempt to deconstruct the English, just a shameless pop at them.

Although please feel free to post more quotes.

Mr Happy

I've read AA Gill newspaper stuff and I believe he dislikes everyone. If you can't think of something clever to say, say something controversial instead...

Hmm, a few posters on here do the same!

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