Hunting Terry

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tomo9700, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. hiya im joining up soon to be a vm or metalsmith im not to sure yet! if ure part of reme do u still get to blow stuff up and hunt down terry taliban or going out on patrols or are you normally in the base? i know someone who fort in the gulf his troops were the first ones in and his job was to clear the bunkers and he was a VMb! can u still do stuff like that today in reme?
  2. Never mind clearing bunkers, no one clears a plate as quickly as the REME.
  3. How many bone threads like this are you going to start? If you want to gain a REME trade join. If you want to be an Infanteer don't.
  4. i want a trade definatly but i want to take part in other things aswell!!
  5. Such as?
  6. Why not join the army cadets for a while, im sure they will be going into space soon.
  7. :twisted: If you would like to blow things up and surprise terry
    go to Afghan dressed as this

    failing that be a Recy Mech ( you get to blow shit up )


    A VM you get to fix blown up shit

    or Armourer if you like guns

    judging by your spelling you wont get Tech you wouldnt like that by the sounds of it anyhoo !
  8. Balls, as a class 3 tech I blew loads of stuff up. And if you're a really bad tech you get pushed to go Tiffy ASAP to get you off the shop floor.

  9. Sadly beleivable.................... :(
  10. :twisted:

    tell us something we dont know and not just the techs! :twisted:
  11. Cpl 'Daz' Gardner REME, armourer to Brigade Recce Force, killed while driving a WMIK in January 08. Am told he was a great bloke. Tomo, think that answers your question.
  12. Lets not drag our dead soldiers into bone threads please.
  13. Tomo9700, this is a pretty feeble attempt at a wind up. Try harder next time. :wink:
  14. How is it a wind up?
  15. Aye, of course he was first in. :roll: First into the embassy as well no doubt.