Hunting, Shooting & Fishing gone!

Any ideas? Linked to yesterday's crash?

Ta very much, like!
Because the Police have seized that deadly 3D printed weapon, its been decided that, for the good of society, all references to shooters and shooting sports are to be deleted.

Expect all of your online presence to be gradually erased.....
Ugly got the hump about not being able to log on so when the site was fixed, he took the shooting forum to e-goat.

He's now lonely as he's the only one there. The rest of crabland are here.

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The number of people on here who actually know anything about firearms plunged beneath the critical threshold necessary to make discourse on such matters possible.

The system automatically shutdown at 23:59 last night, when the three millionth person confused a grainy picture of an H&K for its Belgian rival.
At 2250 last night, JOE118118 posted about his new L30, and asked if it can fire the same ammunition as the German 120mm gun.
When told it couldn't by a large number of people who know about such things, he insisted that it can and that he had in fact just done so and the entire forum imploded under the weight of his stupidity.

And we're back in business!!! Thanks to the CO's etc.

Seems that rumours of disappearance were greatly exaggerated, rather like the death of a famous author.

Sorry to piss you off, Mr Spewer, but I think I'll stay on after all.

Have a great, if somewhat disappointing, day. :razz:

Well if you're only here for the shooting and hunting forum, why not use a proper shooting and hunting site? It's what I do. I'm only here because of a full, successful military career and the ample opportunities it gives to mock those who are weak and pathetic - those storming off in a huff for example.

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