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If the Hunting Bill is passed, it wont be long before the Anti's turn their sights on Shooting and, given the craven nature of the current Administration, we will all be "fcuked" in short order.

Please take the few seconds it takes to sign up by clicking on the website below and following the prompts. Also, please send it on to anyone else you can think of.

Thank you :D
Have just signed your petition. Personaly I do not hunt, I support it, as I do all field sport. Recent, more active involvment in demonstrating against a ban, on my part, has increased since this creature of a Prime Minister, has shown his severe weakness, alloewing a bunch of cut throat backbenchers hold the House of Lords to ransom, with threatened use of the Parliaments Act....Rock on the countryside Alliance!!!!
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I run a server , and I don't use inbound IP addresses to "administer" or troubleshoot my system

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Funny how that's buried deep in the privacy statement. "We respect your privacy, but once you sign , you are ours, and you have given us permission to make your information public."


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If you want to create a petition using petition on line, that is entirely up to you. Just your email and IP address say more about you, who you are and where you live, than you know.

If you want to be buried under a ton of spam, or junk mail, or have telesales calls from the other side of the planet, then go ahead and sign.

That's before I start on PERSEC issues.

If you want to get a petition going on something, download the software from the internet, and create your own petition

Better still get out on the street and get real signatures, because not one Politician I know, would take the blindest bit of notice, at an on-line petition.

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