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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lilwolf, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Now I have been led to understand that there are hunting clubs in the UK. If so is it by some sort of a permit type drawing for hunting?

    I mean that I know given the size of the nation and land mass that there would have to be some sort of restrictions on just going out and hunting elk or a deer or there would not be any game left...

    I go hunting for elk every year and deer as well as bear. I also hunt for antelop, big horn sheep and I even went to alaska and got a grizzly bear 3 years back.

    Can someone explain how the system works there for me.... just curious is all.
  2. we do deer stalking on our estate but its small time try this website for info
  3. Ok here we go. In the UK when we refer to hunting this applies to foxhunting. The sort of hunting that you refer to is known as shooting. Shooting gamebirds, vermin, rodents etc tends to be carried out with a smooth bore shotgun. The type of shooting you do is with a rifle (I'm assuming you're not running round the woods with a crossbow) and would be known as stalking over here. The actual act of stalking is very much part of the sport with the kill being secondary, unless as part of an organised cull. Most of the these activities take place on private land and are either run by syndicates for their own use or individuals who will sell a number of days on a commercial basis. Elk, bears and longhorn sheep are a little bit scarce in these parts however.
  4. I need to learn the terminology in the UK... Okay I hunt with a rifle as well as with a bow.... not a cross bow mind you, but a compound hunting bow.

    Iu nderstand the lack of certain game there but I was actually more curios as to what was available... I am not much of a bird hunter but more of the big game hunting is what i enjoy..

    This is the elk I got last year that dressed out at 485 pound of meat (220 kilos) and i managed to not only feed myself but gave some to my older relatives that cannot go shooting any more because of age...

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  5. Actually this was more than I thought was available there.... pretty impressive all in all... proper management is essential there as is here... that is reassuring... I just started wondering about wildlife management and the thought came to me about how all of the shooting or stalking is done there... Thank you sir for the information.... Now I have hunted on three different continents but I would like someday to hunt in the UK...might have to look into this for my vacation this year...
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Hunting with guns
    This should give you a feel for it, ignore the antis on the first few pages but there are some very concise arguments for hunting here. remember that all land here is owned so you can do a lot on your own property that wouldnt be allowed on US or Canuck public land. here you dont need licenses to hunt and the game laws although some are old are very sensible compared to most other countries. The only country with better laws is in my opinion New Zealand. There are gun clubs that either shoot shotguns at clay pigeons or rifles at targets or both but we dont operate rod and gun clubs. You can join a syndicate and shoot game and pay for stalking and a lot is invitational. I run several small stalking woods and manage the deer and boar population. Its almost a full time job but the pay is apallingly low. If you are really interested and in the UK call in and I can sort you out no problem. As a Visitor it is so simple to come here and shoot that it makes the land of the free look draconian. You can bring a rifle or borrow one so nothing is too hard!
  7. Then you need to get yourself up to Bonnie Scotland. There is some deer in Somerset but Scotland will be a little more testing terrain- and weatherwise.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Forget Scotland, too many hills, midgies and deer that seem miles away. Woodland stalking in Thetford Norfolk has produced the UK record Red Stags. I get plenty of chances in Sussex for Gold medal bucks of Roe, Fallow and even Muntjac without all the damn hills!

  9. Half of the fun is the thought that you have to be smarter than the game you are looking for... most of the time they are smarter.... LOL
    I enjoy the wild game becuase it is leaner and better for you ....

    I do not eat as much beef as i used to, mostly because I have no clue as to how it is fed or raised, but to me the taste is better....

    The most rewarding thing for me is not using a rifle but using a compound bow... then the hunt is much harder and you got to be better and a great deal smarter, but even so if you can call one in you really are lucky...
    This particular elk was real smart and I ended up stalking him for about 3 miles before I finally spotted him in the brush.... all I could see was his right shoulder and i knew he was watching me.... so at about 25 yards away I took my shot and he ran about 45 more yards and dropped... so I had to earn this one... I think they know when hunting season gets here becuase they all leave the areas...

    There are people that poach deer and elk, but I never have and in the end it is not worth losing your proviledge to hun or losing your weapon and going to jail... so I do it legally....much safer.
  10. Out of interest have you come across your local FLO taking land out of circulation for shooting? I have heard from a few sources and indeed a well respected forum on this, that land previously approved for shooting is now being made "unsuitable for all calibers - Shotgun Only". Some of this, prime stalking land. Obviously it's up to each FLO and his Chief Constable to make these decisions, but if it's catching then this could be the thin edge of the wedge.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bow hunting is illegal as all game is covered by the game act, you can use a hawk though, and deer by the deer act. The 1981 wildlife and countryside act also stipulates in section 5 what is permitted and excepted!
  12. If shotgun is used only, then perhaps using slug ammo for the hunt...?

    granted we here are running into some opposition for using large caliber weapons due to the encroachment of houses into the hunting areas, so I can understand some of that....
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    That is actually illegal and outside of the powers of the chief cuntstable to do. Land is only surveyed for first time applicants. Where a person has the certificate for approximately 3 years (HO Guidance) then the following condition should be applied. "The (weapons see list) shall be used for shooting of Vermin, Fox, deer and for zeroing on ranges or on land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot"
    There is no way that these FEO's are qualified to survey land for use. What generally happens is that they check the land on a new applicants forms against a register (if it is known by the same name) and then grant that as specified. The condition "Land over which the chief Constable has deemed suitable" has been withdrawn due to liability issues. "Sorry I shot you but I have permissin and the police say it is safe so please sue them!"
    They did institute a big round of land visits to farmers mainly to remind them of how many permissions had been granted and to check that a housing estate hadnt been built there. The issue in law is that the Shooter is licensed and not the land. BASC have successfully fought this on many occaisions. I can shoot in my suburban garden and have put away an average of 5 foxes a year. The point is that I know not to let the round leave my property, I use a moderated .22rf and always shoot into my lawn as a backstop.
    If a copper challenges you over land you can ask if heis a qualified surveyor or holds the Range Qualifications in Pamphlet 21. The MOD approves ranges not the police. They are so daft as to insist in kent that one stalker could only use a .308 from a high seat but there were no restrictions against his 7.62 x 51. Work that out.
    I carry a copy of the Home Office Guidance in my car and if I'm stopped I ask the copper about the law he thinks I am breaking and also if it is a law in fact or just Home Office Guidance which is just that guidance and not valid in a court of law if I am working within the letter and not the spirit!
    Shooting Times didnt print my tirade against their legal expert who gave cr@p advice in last weeks magazine. I think that I will write to them and state that if they are unable to admit mistakes or pojnt out that I am wrong then I will cancel my subscription!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Single projectile cartridges for shotguns are classed as section 1 the same as rifle ammo. Also prohibited from used for deer, here we have 2 main types of weapons, rifles and shotguns that are capable of firing more than 3 shots without reloading are section 1 as is solid shot for shot guns. You need a firearms license to buy and on application you need to specify what you want and justify the need. The reason that ordinary shotguns are popular is that unles syou have a record you can get the section 2 license easily enough and there is no real limit to the numbers of guns, calibres or ammo. Shotguns are for pests, such as birds and rabbits or fox. Rifles are used for rabbits, Boar, Fox, deer. Land and access is an issue but all can be arranged. You cannot walk out onto common land and shoot at birds. It must be private land that you have permission for. The birds must also be covered in the DEFRA Genaral license ofr be game. All of this is simple and you can shoot game birds rougly August for grouse and sept for Partridge, duck and goose and October for pheasant all through to end of jan. deer can be shot all year but the species seasons overlap and are different in Scotland as for England and wales. Forget NI it goes on but its really awkward.
    A game license for either £4 or £6 can be bought at the post office though I have yet to hear of anyone prosecuted for not having one. You can as a guest use a rifle or shotgun in the precense of the landowner of his servant, that would be me! Its called the estate rifle rule and is a great way of going shooting with no license hassles. Most clay clubs will rent guns as well so you can practise.
  15. My first Firearm Certificate for shooting over land had the condition
    "the (firearms) and ammunition shall be used for shooting deer/foxes and for zeroing on land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot".

    Note MOD no longer inspect or approve civvy ranges. The range has to merely be suitable for the firearm in question and have insurance.

    This is the condition on my latest FAC:

    "The Firearms and ammunition shall be used only for target shooting on ranges suitable for the safe use of that class of firearm and with adequate financial arrangements in place to meet any injury or damage claim."

    (Field shooting is dealt with in a different paragraph)

    Much easier to get a range established now.