Hunting holiday with my 14 year old son

My 14 year old son and I are getting a long term exeat next Summer to do what we want while my wife and daughter do something cultural in Italy. I've asked the lad what he fancies doing and he's asked for something in the 'huntin' shooting and fishin' field. Might spend some time pike fishing in the Lakes but wonder whether there's somthing in the hunting field that we could do. I'm a target shooter but he's just started on his shooting career with a bit of time on the ranges and some time indoors on a .22.

We once bought a magazine that advertised boar hunting trips in Europe which we both fancied but never thought we'd have the opportunity to pursue. I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.


Plenty of foreign opportunities, you could have a weeks worth here but it would probably work ouut a tad cheaper to go to Europe!
How about Chav and Pikey hunting closer to home? Would help your carbon footprint too and you'd do some good for the 'bigger society'.
Jumping in at the deep end without skills may not be the best introduction for a youngster. If you are both target orientated, you could do with an introduction to field shooting of whatever style.
Why not consult the chaps at BASC. They run young shots days for shotgun and accompanied stalking with an "estate rifle" (meaning that you don't need your own), beginners courses and so on.

BASC - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation

Best of luck,


Thanks for the sound advice; I'll give them and perhaps the Deer Society a looking at.



You wont be aable to get an instant holiday sorted with either organisation, they will want to sell you membership, training etc. Look on the stalking directory, lots of sporting guides do business through that!
What about going seal clubbing?
that would not work for his schedule. In Canada the seal season is November 15-May 15. Also, in Canada it is no longer legal to club newborns, you have to wait until the babies are 2 weeks old. I think you can still hunt whitecoats (newborns) in Russia though.
Why not try a week at one of the genuine falconry venues in uk or germany, no guns but a great experience!!

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