Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chimera, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  2. Thanks Chimera.
  3. If you want to do something by all means sign up. But do you really think this bunch of self-centered, selfish, corrupt and uncaring wasters that form our government are actually going to take any notice of anything people from outside the city centers have to say...... well, pour yourself another drink.
  4. What's new, I've been up em for years! :roll: Now squeel like a piggy son! :twisted:
  5. Don't hold back there G3
  6. I supose that luring fox hounds onto railways line is humane treatment to animals as well.
  7. Fcuking city folk :roll:
  8. I agree with you Bullet Sponge. Nothing like somebody with no knowledge of the countryside preaching about how inhumane fox hunting is. If G3 had even seen what a fox can do to hens/pheasants etc in a hutch they might change their mind. A fox will not just kill what it needs to eat, it will kill everything it can get to. A gamekeepers nightmare, one fox can kill stock worth thousands of pounds. But woe betide if a fox is killed by a pack of hounds. Dogs are naturaly pack animals and hunt as such. They are just doing what comes naturally.
  9. Some people are pro and some are anti fox hunting, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    But the point is that the government used one of the many hundreds of new laws that they have implemented to prevent another country institution. How many foxes have they saved exactly. The choice is 20-40 people getting on horseback, having a bit of a get together and spending the whole day riding round the countryside following a pack of dogs and catching a single fox if they are lucky, 6 times a year...... or the alternative, 2-4 people going for a stroll in the countryside with shotguns for a couple of hours and killing half dozen foxes every weekend. Because like it or not, in the country foxes are seen as pests and are going to be hunted on farmland and it's only hunting with dogs that is against the law.

    Also did you know that when the MoD banned fox hunting on its land, many owners of privately owned land surrounding MoD areas that had allowed their land to be accessed by forces for training, retracted that permission.
  10. Dont give me that bollox reply, if a fox is proving a problem then you try and shoot it, you dont need a pack of hounds and some inbreads to 'hunt' in down. I live in the middle of the cotswolds, I dont have a city sliker life, so dont give me that 'its normal country life' crap. If you cant deal with a fox without a fox hunt, then you are not a very good farmer/gamekeeper are u?
  11. It was a slap in the face for the Conservatives from Labour after what Maggie Thatcher pushed through in the '80s.
  12. The other thing they don't understand is how nature works. We have killed off the only natural predaters that foxes had in this country. There is no doubt that the fox population has to be controlled and the only way to control a fox population that is also good for the health of that population is to employ the survival of the fittest method. The only method that is as close to nature as possible is to hunt them with a pack of dogs. As foxes are now not being hunted with dogs their numbers are being controlled with indiscriminate methods, poisoning, shooting etc. This method means that instead of the weaker foxes being killed it can lead to the stronger foxes being killed, this in turn has a negative effect on the fox population. Unfortunately the bleading heart city set do not understand this and as a result are unwittingly destroying everything that makes our countryside such a beautiful and nature ritch environment to visit.

    It truely saddens me to see that methods that have been used to nurturre our countryside for thousands of years are now being banned because these idiots find them unacceptable.
  13. Not all farmers can afford to have a full time game keeper or devote the time needed. Having some people pay you to deal with a pest problem on your land is quite a win win situation.
  14. Point proven! And if you were a good keeper you would know that hunting with dogs IS the best method, may I point you to my previous post on supporting a healthy fox population you twit!
  15. So what's more humane: slow death by poisonning or a quick death by a pack of dogs (which rarely happens. If possible the fox is shot before the pack reach it).