Hunter S Thompson Commits Suicide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. RIP Doc.
    I would not be so sure that it was suicide. The man had a very unfortunate habit of playing around with loaded weapons while p*ssed and/or stoned, so there is a good chance that it was an accident. :roll:
    He was very good writer, though. In one of the pieces in The Great Shark Hunt, he writes about coming through airport customs with a quantity of "pharmaceuticals" hidden on him. It was all going swimmingly, until he noticed that the bag was leaking, and that he had left a long trail of pills behind him leading up to the customs desk, and with one pill sitting on the toe of his trainer.. :D That probably sounds terrible to most of the users of this board, but it made me giggle. :D
  2. From the same book, the piece comparing the relative merits of the .357 and .44 magnum revolvers is a classic, the .44 apparently being capable of bringing down a fleeing suspect at several hundred yards with an impact 'like a goddamned bazooka'.
  3. HST's "Eulogy" to Richard Nixon was a classic of venomous, vindictive prose. He believed that the most fitting send-off for Tricky Dicky was to be sealed in an iron coffin, and launched into one of LA's storm sewers during a flood. :D
  4. I must be lacking in education as I've never heard of him. If what the previous posters have said then he should be someone I need to read.

  5. The Genius is gone.
  6. He was a great man. Superb writer, heroic drinker and drug abuser, all-round dangerous bast*rd. I discovered him when I was about 12 (Hells Angels) and in the intervening 36 years have read, I think, every single word he ever managed to get published in book form.

    One of the most influential journalists of the late 20th century and a complete, rabid, snapping sociopath. He would have fitted right in with any bunch of squaddies on the lash (assuming he could have controlled his, er, pharmaceutical preferences).

    It wouldn't surprise me if he'd decided to pull the pin himself - statistically, he should have died in 1970 sometime, so the last 35 years have been something of a bonus.

    Doonesbury fans should check out Uncle Duke, who I suppose checks out on 20 February as well.
  7. The world will be a poorer place without him.
  8. "
    During Watergate.certain friends of HST wanted to get a sack of the biggest,foulest sewer rats they could find and throw them over the White House wall as a message to Nixon.HST stopped them.He had a deep understanding,almost an empathy with the dark nature of Nixon He said"Don't do it,Nixon will take it as a compliment"

    I reckon this is more likely an ND than a suicide.He just loved to f*ck around with guns,explosives,flamethrowers,fireworks etc.He was not given to despair.
  9. I feel a quote is in order here. Please note, I was wrong about the iron coffin... :oops:

    From Hunter Thompson' s essay on Nixon, published after his death in 1994.

    Pure quality. I do love a really good hatchet-job. Come back Doc, your country needs you ... :D
  10. Presumably Hunter S Thompson killed himself because of the huntiing ban.

    How many other good chaps will kill themselves over this awful Act.
  11. R I P Doctor Gonzo,Raoul Duke "A BRUTAL FIXER&THE LAST AMERICAN GOVERNOR OF SAMOA" and a lyrical genius.The Man who wrote "F*ck the Pope" on the hull of the Americas' Cup Championship Yacht so when it heeled over in the wind the message was displayed to the world's media.He also was so wasted that when he threw a huge elk heart over the wall of Jack Nicholson's Aspen Home and detonated a hiroshima-sized firework in the vicinity he had no memory of it until a massive hunt ensued for the murderous stalker.He also was nearly elected Sherriff of Aspen on a "Freak Power" ticket promising to "Sod the Streets" and introduce the bastinado for dishonest drug dealers.

    In his late 50's he took up marathon running,grew a new liver and convinced the inhabitants of Hawaii that he was the new incarnation of the white god LONU whom they had murdered in the person of Captain James Cook

    He will be sorely missed
  12. It is still sinking in that we have lost a man who was capable of placing a be-lipsticked pig's head in his oppo's toilet late at night, and then leaving the lid down... :D

  13. I am choking up at the memory "THE CHILDREN WILL BE GETTING UP SOON" :twisted:
  14. "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" made me laugh until tears came to my eyes.

    This "Doctor of Journalism," accompanied by his manic "300 lbs. Samoan attorney," stoned out of his gourd on alcohol and mescaline, and showing up at a convention of narcotics enforcement officers, declaring himself as the accredited correspondent from "Rolling Stone" magazine.