Hunt the C**t

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Letterwritingman, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. So where was TCH this evening?.................Probably one of the most Politically sensetive moments of our involvement in Iraq.............3 BW lads killed in a controversial deployment and the best that this spin riddled, theiving, cheating , lying, excuse for a waste of taxpayers money called a Government can do is........get Adam Ingram to make the requisit statements................."Is it 'cos I is Scottish?"

    Anyone for a spin?
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. ah someone else thinking the same, thought I was the only bitter and twisted one on here tonight

    Some cnut needs hanging!
  3. Great minds........................and I bet a penny to a pinch we aint the only ones :evil:
  4. I'm in, if i get to practice a little bit of chinese paper cut beauty therapy only. :evil:
  5. No, your not the only ones......
  6. If anyone happened to chance by the Modweb intranet facility, they could perhaps find the location of TCH on the "ministers' movements" page on the parliamentary website. Not that I am advocating such a course of action! Heaven forbid!
  7. I hope someone drops an anvil on him.

    All this crap was predicted 18 months ago.....
  8. And assuming you happen to be the sort of menial that is deemed not worthy of inclusion in such a club? :?
  9. While we are on the subject of our inspiring leaders from the "party of government"...

    Maj Eric Joyce AGC (Retd) MP has been on our televisions acting as His Master's Voice. Surely Maj Joyce has a reserve committment...he doesn't look that old!

    Is there anyone out there who could send him a "brown envelope"? Or perhaps we should send him some white feathers, as there were other parliamentarians who turned up to fight the war he is so enthusiastic about...
  10. These ministers movements are like my bowel movements they all stink and are usually done away from view. Anyhow do we really expect people without honour to act any other way, remember they are from the legal profession so only ever really do anything for themselves smiling assassins all of them.
  11. Bollox, Send Tony three red Hackles with the tops cut off and soaked in blood.

    SK (still severely urined off)
  12. Self-deleted post as felt it was in bad taste.
  13. In poorer taste than sending the sons of mothers to fight a no win war and die whilst doing so?
  14. The Gallant member for Falkirk West is whilst he is an MP - EXEMPT from Call-up!!!

    No service-person may act as an MP and vice verser....

  15. Bollox, Send Tony three red Hackles with the tops cut off and soaked in blood. :evil:

    SK (still severely urined off)[/quote]
    I doubt if the significance would get through to him, or indeed bother him, after all he is trained by an actor so it is all sham from Bliar at the best of times.

    MrPVRd maybe the self deletion was done in haste PM me if you wish for my view.