Hunt supporters, Tories and Bankers at it again!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by offhand, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. I see they have made up some crap story about a Fox attacking a child in London:

    Fox bites off baby's finger as he sleeps: Mother fights off animal in bedroom after finding one-month-old's hand 'halfway down its throat' | Mail Online

    Not seen in the Guardian so must be a lie. I mean how stupid do they think we are that we could believe a fox would actually do any thing like this.

    Ha, bloody Hunt people are all Toffs with nothing better to do than kill innocent babies (Except for our local hunt and shoot who are mainly farmers/farm workers, builders and a few folks who speak like offciers!)
  2. There have been several attacks in London. I blame the poor people. If they weren't stealing the foxes food from bins the foxes wouldn't have to eat babies.

    Tally ho!
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  3. Ahah, the new source of supermarket beef....... foxes, not babies.
  4. It's a Tory plot, soon armies of baby eating foxes will be released into poor areas to stop them growing up to vote Labour.

    Now if you'll excuse me these kittens won't drown themselves.
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  5. Clearly Labour's fault. If they'd not banned hunting then there'd be less foxes around to do shit like this.
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  6. Toff? Fecking Toffs? Are you Plug from the Beano, or is it Billy Bunter, outrage hunter? Worst sock puppet ever. You give us proles a bad name.

    I did see a feck off big dog fox at work t'other week, inside the fence. It looked at me with a ICGAF stare and trotted off into the garage. Probably looking to do a bit of twocing.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I intend to train a pack of foxes and hunt babies with it. All followers will have a ride-on lawnmower and not a horse (I don't ride anything I eat). Instead of terrier men I'll have a hungry brace of badgers. All new followers will be spermed in a bukkake ritual, as babies blood is too precious to the perfume industry, or something.

    I reckon it's a winner, but then I am still drunk from Chinese New Year and the MSG overdose has probably given me a stroke.
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  9. Are you suggesting that would somehow be a bad thing?
  10. I see the RSPCA, now it's been taken over by animal-rights fanatics, is doing the Officer Barbrady 'move along, none of this is actually happening' impression with which it invariably responds to reports of foxish wickedness.
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  11. Drain Sniffer,

    reading some of the comments, even in the Wail, it is every ones fault except the foxes who can do no wrong. Some very deluded people worthy of tin foil hats.
  12. I blame the child. Shouldn't have put it's finger in the fox's mouth in the first place. No sympathy for the idiot.
  13. We need more rats to get the waste food off the streets.