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Hunt for the elusive NO 1s!

Apologies for the rant I am about to subject you too (if you stay to read that is!)

I have a close friend who will be getting married shortly. He has decided that he would like to wear No 1's for the occasion (well within his rights)

Now 6 months ago, he visited his regimental QM's who told him it wasn't a regimental issue and that if he wanted them he should contact the Corps QM who ' after queens duties would have no shortage of sets!' his words.

Said individual then approached the Corps QM who proceeded to tell him that he didnt have any sets of No 1's and that he would have to hire them. Unfortunately my frind was then deployed to sunny afghanistan from where he has just returned still no closer to obtaining a set of No 1's.

So he started his quest again, this time going through his SQMS who tried their best to help but again hit a brick wall!
In the mean time however said individual approached the AAC band on the advice of the RQHI and was told he could have a set tomorrow, not a problem as long as the Corps RSM was happy, result!! (CRSM decision willing)

Now, I am disgusted to be perfectly honest at the treatment of the individual over the No 1 issue. He is honoured not only to be in the army, but the Army Air Corps to the point he wants to show it at a very special day for him, his fiancee and their family and friends, yet the AAC itself don't seem to be too bothered. In a time where record numbers are leaving the Corps you'd have thought the AAC would be more than happy to provide the No 1's to support the individual and promote the Corps??
Why does the AAC ssem unwilling to help, yet a unit attached to the AAC is bending over backwards to assure the individuals happiness for his big day??

If anyone can shed any light on this or indeed help in anyway please do so as the said individual is at his wits end and ready to pack it in ans settle for a plain old suit.

Thanks for reading
I dont think its the 'AAC' at fault here more the personality in question who didn't appear to give a flying feck. Ops normal for QM's isn't it?

It is still a bit shabby though.

Speak to MDN if your chap has any dramas. He is an associate member of the AAC band and has lots of mates there. They even let him polish the triangle occasionally.
I got married in 'Blues' having gone through similar hoops. Ended up getting a set through the system but it took some doing. Have you tried at Depot or Winchester (if the Corps is still there) as the DS were issued a set that they might be willing to lend.

You don't say what rank your friend is but a decent tailor could sort that out before and after the event.

If he's REALLY keen he might want to approach the band and ask for a bugler for the big day. I vaguely remember from my youth that if someone got married in No 1s the Corps paid the bugler bill as it was great PR. Just a thought.

Good hunting.
Can you not just wear Ron hills and a Donkey jacket and put silver foil over the buttons and sew some badges on?

Thats what flash does, and it stands him in good stead for Civvy street :D
minister_doh_nut said:
Can you not just wear Ron hills and a Donkey jacket and put silver foil over the buttons and sew some badges on?

Thats what flash does, and it stands him in good stead for Civvy street :D

What as? An mdn stunt double?
As a bin man you pikey......

You only qualify now they have machines to pick up the bins, so you don't break a nail.

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