Hunt for man who bit off womans tongue........


thats gonna hurt.

some fecking weirdoes out there!
It took me a while for it to sink in, this is one seriously twisted individual, how did he get to bite her tongue off? What sort of monster is he?

I wonder if this turns out to be another one of those "care in the community types" let out even though he's attacked before :roll: :evil:
Corporal said:
Dale the snail said:
Nobody mention tongues. He he :roll:
All the really good replies to this thread have been deleted, but I can't say I'm suprised. :D
I'm sorry but while the 'really good replies' corps where funny, but a little in poor taste, this guy is attacking women and is a very real and unfunny threat, his violence is escalating and he's mobile.
Right now he could be anywhere in the country and as yet there's no profile of his victims, so until then each lone female is at risk, yes I realise we usually are, be it's when things like this happen we realise how vulnerable we are.
Three lone women. That’s your daughters or mothers.
There is no humour in this.
Sorry to be a moaning cow.

Beebs x
Don't get into strangers cars, and lock your doors when you are mobile.

If you want to go whistle and bells, buy a saab 900 or volvo 960, don't speed up if you see anyone tailing you, wait until the ****** speeds up to make ground and brake test him.....

It'll **** your car, but not as much as he will be after back-ending a 1 ton car - just jump out and give him the good news with a hammer, NI style.

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