Hunt ban to be challenged!

Should the ban be overturned?

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From Sky News:


Hunt enthusiasts are being given one last chance to state their case in a bid to overturn a ban.

The House of Lords will hear the appeal against the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales.

Because of the issue's constitutional importance, nine of the country's 12 law lords are expected to hear the case.

The Countryside Alliance is challenging a Court of Appeal decision to uphold the ban as lawful.

The alliance says the Government acted outside its legal powers to bring in the Hunting Act by ignoring the Lords' objections which had been holding up the passage of the Bill.

It claims that the 1949 Parliament Act, which has only been used three times to assert the supremacy of the Commons over the Lords, was unlawful because, unlike the Previous Parliament Act of 1911, only MPs had voted for it.

The 1949 Act was an amendment to the 1911 Act which reduced the time the Lords could hold up a Bill going through Parliament.

The Government's much-delayed Hunting Act was forced through Parliament in November last year using the Parliament Act 1949.

It introduced a total ban on hunting with dogs, outlawing fox-hunting, deer-hunting and hare-coursing with dogs.
Hurray! :D
I have always wanted to know, and maybe some members concerned with UK Law and European Law can answer this....

If we can't hunt in the UK, but say France can still hunt, isn't this breaking European Law, as all members states had to sign up to withold the law of each others members states? European Police Force?

Would this mean, that say I could walk into a local UK Police Station, and report a French Hunt for breaking the Law?

And yes I do fully support the rights of the UK to Hunt. :)

So good luck with the above.
The Hunting Act is a shocking, incredibly badly written piece of law that should never have survived its first reading, much less passed the Houses. Let's hope the Lords do drop it, though it's a shame it can't be done directly
I still maintain that a bunch of meths drinking, unemployed, town based, tree-hugging, leftie, pinko hippies should leave the countryside the fukc alone and worry about their personal hygiene and where the next squat will be that they are going to break into.

Sorry Baghdad , are you for or against? :D
PartTimePongo said:
Sorry Baghdad , are you for or against? :D
PTP - Apologies for my ambiguous comments.........I abstain.
The pan-EU Harmonisation aspect also should apply to firearms and shooting laws: UK has draconian and utterly counter-productive restrictions, whilst most of the rest of Europe has fairly sensible laws which respect their citizens' rights and generally law-abiding nature. UK firearms law, like the hunt ban law, is now so badly riddled with flaws that, if you read it carefully, it in fact criminalises nearly all shooters and indeed the supervising Police forces. (No, I'm not going to detail the bits I mean!).
Let hope the ban is overturned as Labour admitted after the ban it was an attack on class nothing more.
Oh for fcuk sake not this again new labour can get anything right can they .Bunch of toffs killing cute fluffy
animals and even worse enjoying it .Couldnt be an easier target.We had demos riots etc,etc, . Cant even ban it
succesfully .
as I read the law you can take your dogs and silly people on horseback and chase the fox all over the country and its legal as long as you shoot the fox before the dogs get it.
or at least say you were planning to shoot the fox i( if the goverment had'nt banned you from carrying a pistol etc etc ).
don't really care one way or the other to be honest
but how about hunting hunters with apache that would make cool TV :twisted:
woody said:
Oh for fcuk sake not this again new labour can get anything right can they .Bunch of toffs killing cute fluffy
animals and even worse enjoying it .Couldnt be an easier target.We had demos riots etc,etc, . Cant even ban it
succesfully .
Spot on Woody!

It just might have dawned on a few people that since the ban came into place there has been no mass slaughter of fox hounds, a queue of Hunters at the glue factory or the Jobcentres of the shires inundated with unemployable yokels.

At best the ban has had a negligible effect on hunting with dogs and there are so many loopholes in the law that the toffs on horseback can continue their “sport” to their hearts content.

In short a typical British fudge-piece of legislation, and all the better for that!

Personally I think the Countryside Alliance and their ilk are making a big mistake. If they stopped drawing attention to themselves then they could carry on pretty much as they did before the “ban”. But by drawing attention to the issue they only serve to throw a spotlight on the anomalies (such as they are still hunting with dogs and, what a surprise, sometimes a fox appears to be chased!), which might make the Sabs, try and tighten up the rules.

Will they never learn?
Caltrops, barbed wire, pepper spray, that I'll sort the fcukers out. Tally-ho
Cpl_ripper said:
Caltrops, barbed wire, pepper spray, that I'll sort the fcukers out. Tally-ho
For who the hunters or the sabs?

Not that I care which you understand. Just so as I know who to watch.
right, first off, i'm all for the reversal of the ban, one which should never have been passed in the first place. I would like to state quite strongly that in no way would I, or anyone who's ever been dragged on the beer with me, call myself a toff. After 8 years with the brigade, my idea of hunting involves atleast 10 meters of 7.62 link and the odd mortar!!!

Now set up (quite miserably!!) in civvy street, I do hunt..........and enjoy it. The thing that really gets my goat, is parliament not knowing what the f*** they're talking about. As a hunter, we provide a valued service to local farmers and land owners, who in turn allow us access across their land when in persuit of basil and his mates. out of season, we carry out repair works to farmers land, fences, tracks, etc that may be damaged durring the hunt. The ban has had a greater inpact on country life than anyone could ever imagine, effecting the stores that service and repair riding gear, the lay off's of staff previously employed to maintain the vast numbers of hunt horses and the hound packs and now, the increase of foxes, which despite their cute and cuddly looks, are nothing but vermin, a pest in the country side that carry's disease and now faced with freedom to roam, are causing more damage to areas of woodland and livestock.

I still hunt, attended the first illegal hunt on feb 19th and come the start of the season, will carry on hunting again. The w****** at parliament passed a law they dont understand and one which the police cant uphold!! How are 2 fat coppers in a fiesta going to keep up with a hunt pack traveling at 40mph across fields and hedges? Someone (Yes Tony, thats you) didnt think this through.

This law is a sham, one which openly we wont follow and should be overturned as soon as possible.

Keep you're bullshit in the house of lords and we'll keep ours in the counrty!! Happy Hunting!!
Steven said:
Cpl_ripper said:
Caltrops, barbed wire, pepper spray, that I'll sort the fcukers out. Tally-ho
For who the hunters or the sabs?

Not that I care which you understand. Just so as I know who to watch.
Put it this way, I don't ware a silly checked shirt, Flat cap, and talk with a gob full of marbles.
Pegasus, just a quick one to support you fully in everything you said. It's no good though there will forever be ******* who think Hunting is a toffs sport, biggest load of shit, you know that, I know that, anyone who knows anything about it knows it, just goes to show that once again the people with the biggest voices are the ones with the most amount of shit to say. Fully agree with Breaker Morant too, the CA, should wind their necks in and concentrate on the other aspects of their lobbying, ie, sustainable farming, other field sports, provision of broadband to rural communities etc etc, and stop harping on about Hunting. look at Scotland for example, Scottish CA kept quiet after the ban and now no one comments. A quick message to anyone who supports the CA though, for the £30 or so pounds per year to be a member, don't let your subscriptions slip, the CA do so much more than is seen in the press, and are shed loads more involved with the whole rural way of life than purely huting.
Guys, going to let this run without editing anything beforehand. However, as per previous Hunt threads, they do tend to get heated.

Therefore, please try and keep the profanity and class war exchanges down to a minimum? :D


are there hunt sabs in other parts of the EU or is this just a mad part of the uk
Have any of you chaps and chapesses been watching 'The Last Hunt' on Sky One (Monday nights)?

I am in agreement with the majority of the previous posts. The CA are sticking their necks out, but I feel that they are right to pursue this matter - the law, although laughably inept and virtually uninforceable, is unjust.

Although it isn't, what the blazes would be wrong if hunting were the sole preserve of 'toffs'? Were any other group in society villified to the extent that 'toffs' regulary are I feel certain that the civil liberties brigade would be jumping up and down.

If the UK really does go the dogs, then why not come over to Ireland to hunt charlie? annoys the bejaysus out of the Shinners/Greens/hippies....

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