Hunger strikes a very sour note

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. From the Grauniad, David Cox writes a reasonably sensible review of this trash, matched in its intelligent comment by the slackjawed ignorance of the Gruaniad-reading public opinion which follows it.

    Sometimes you'd think that 'The Quiet Man' constituted the extent of Irish history taught in some of our schools (mind you, considering that almost 30% of teachers responding to a poll considered that Intelligent Design and Creationism should be taught as science, possibly that's no surprise.)
  2. brilliant review (or was that social commentary...)
  3. Good review. As I understand it, Sands - unlike many of the other hunger strikers - was a pretty incompetent terrorist, so presumably his lack of track record as a killer meant that he was a more acceptible face of the hunger strikes than many of the others.

    The Hunger Strikes were only about 'political status', there was never any suggestion that they had been fitted up or were unjustly imprisoned. The assertion that terrorism, in what was by any definition a democratic province of the UK, was a legitimate political act was and remains absolutely laughable.

    Sands chose his fate unlike the very many victims of PIRA.

    As for the comments - well what do you expect from people with time to post their views on a website? :)
  4. ... wasn't Sands imprisoned for the the murder of a security guard in a robbery...

    ... I feel the need for a google...

    Oh no - possession of a fire-arm.

    erm... how is that 'political' - just means he illegally carried a gun.


    or it is just me
  5. After reading all that i could murder a bacon sarnie
  6. The best review of this piece of cinematic excrement/Provo w@nk-fest I've read. Even better than the one in the Daily Hate, which also ripped the film to shreds.
  7. Exactly, he was no use to the Republican movement when he was on the streets. I assume that he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box...
  8. ... hmmm.

    eg. I know what'll learn' the Brits... if I starves me-self... ha! That'll show 'em.

    As he was a Catholic (and incidentally, so am I), and suicide supposed to be a cardinal sin, didn't he b0ll0ck-up his chances of getting to heaven...

    I dunno - he wasn't that bright was he.

    skinny ejit
  9. How about a chicken supper?
  10. Nah im not a dirty fenian.... person :wink:
  11. ISTR reading somewhere that starvation is the only method of suicide not regarded as a Cardinal Sin, but I could be wrong. Can't remember the rationalisation as to why starving yourself was less sinful than, for example, shooting oneself. But we're talking about a religion that helped cover up the sexual abuse of thousands of children by it's priests. Not exactly the most rational of people... :roll:
  12. I'm off for a wee cheesburger.
  13. The Sands of the H Block are sodden red,
    Red with the wreck of a diet that broke.

    The Armalite is jammed and Shergar is dead,
    and the provo's are blind with semtex and smoke.

    But the voice of O'Shinner rallies the ranks,
    Bomb up, bomb up, and play the Good Friday Game.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer


    # could you go a chicken supper bobby sands?
    could you go a chicken supper bobby sands? #

    one thing thats always puzzled me about that bunch of feckwits... how come they're always 'soldiers' when they describe themselves but the minute things get nasty for them they suddenly turn into poor innocent victims? you play with the big boys, you play by their rules I would have thought.