Am thinking about driving to Hungary to watch the F1 (near Budapest) in July having not been that way before just wondering what I should be taking in en route. Will be a 2 week trip with just 3 days at the circuit the rest camping and touring round the areas driven through.

Not fussed about anything between here, Rennes, and a French border, Not really into cities to the extent I will avoid wherever possible, but suggestions from you well travelled folks will be welcome re the most interesting route and interesting places to visit.

I assume you've done BAOR time so you know from your house to Germany. If you have why not fly direct Frankfurt, Munich or Prague, pick up a hire car and spend more time bimbling around new to see places.

Do a cost comparison: Flights & car vs. Ferry and fuel. I always use carhire3000 wherever I wash up on the planet.

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