Hungary & Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Norfolknchance, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Me and the present Mrs Chance are off to Budapest and Prague on a coach tour in the not-too-distant and were wondering about the cost of a beer or coffee etc. Breakfasts and dinners in hotels so it's only lunches we'll be buying?

    Anyone any ideas?
  2. Don't eat in the main square in Prague - Wenceslas Square, its a bloody rip off. Walk back 2 streets and you'll be buying beers for a quid. In Budapest you have to eat at Gundel - expensive but really nice food. Treat yourself Gundel
  3. Yes, but in Wenceslas square, not far from the bloke on the horse, there is a restaurant that has apparently been open since the last ice age. It is decorated and appointed much as it would have been 5 hundred years ago or more (allegedly) and the food is more or less what the people ate way back when, pork, spuds and cabbage, washed down with beer. Give it a try, I found it quite atmospheric and it wasn't that expensive. If you get the chance to spend a night out of town, pick a smallish village with a big traditional pub off the tourist beat - there are still some. You could be treated to an evening of guitar playing geezers and dancing girls with swirling skirts along with flowing beer. Buy the guy with the guitar a beer just for fun.

    Incidentally down river from Praha near a hill called Stara Zesta there is a hotel boat moored on the river. If you have time, take a look and see if it is still there. I stayed in it for a week and it was far better than the coastel I stayed in near Stanley!
  4. Concur with Travelgaal, Grundel is very good!

    I used to live in Budapest. A few tips:

    1. Taxis - Dont bother! Pick you up at hotel, your destination (thats usually 100m away) and they take you via Croatia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Anything on Vaci Utca........ Tourist trap city a naff!

    3. If weather is good, get up to the castle district. Fantastic views from the top of the Vanicular railway and a pretty part of town. Just along the Fishermans Bastien, nice to visit, but a coffee can cost the same as a night out in a three Michelin starred gaff!

    4. St Istvans Basillica, huge church (a deffinate if your a fan of architecture).

    5. Strole Andressy Utca, posh boutiques like D&G, Armani etc, etc, etc. A very upmarket shopping area thats not in a faceless mall!

    6. List Ferenc Ter, bars and bistros, great for a summers evening (however, if you are with your misses keep your eyes on her or she may get a complex at gangs of scantily clad nubile 20 somethings............... Feckin great if you visit with the lads though!

    7. Four season Hotel, the cocktail bar is a nice place to start out if you want to do something special. Also the Pava cafe in there is very nice to!

    8. Spa baths, dont! Most are minging, a rip off and full of shirt lifters!

    9. Night clubs, Budda Beach is a relaxed night out with something for everyone...............

    10. The Citadel, former cold war russian listening post and hang out over looking the city. Interesting place.

    Avoid: The Irish Cat, Old Mans Pub, Fat Mo's Speak Easy................ Tourist traps, full of stag do's and expensive roma gypsy hookers!

    Hope this helps.........
  5. I was in Prague this month - it's till there. Looks like a good option for accommodation.
  6. Further to my last. Ex Pat hangouts, The Caledonia and Becketts Irish Pub. There not bad, but they are full of very boring ex pat alchy's who lecture you on how great Hungary is and everyone who stays in England is a loser! Still, if want to watch the Premiership and have sausage and mash with a pint of John Smith's then thats your place................

    No good looking Hungarian women frequent these places, stag do's, hen do's and fat arse students types abound though.
  7. My experience in Hungary was things were significantly cheaper than say Germany but that was a few years ago. Hungary also has a pretty good wine industry so if you get near Eger (east of Budapest) you will be able to go to a lot of tasting rooms.
  8. Loads

    When are you going?

    On the trip accommodation is included?

    How much time do you have in each city?

    Are you travelling direct to Budapest from Prague or staying over in Banska Bystrica or Bratislava?

    Let me know via PM and will be happy to help