Hung like a donkey, minted or gift of the gab?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A Worker, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Which one?

    Nick Vujicic: Limbless motivational speaker enjoys honeymoon on the beach a week after marrying the love of his life | Mail Online

    That guy could make a frigging fortune with some "home movies" i mean i'd pay to see him trying to hump her, the lucky bastard ! There's no fucking justice is there !

    The teen mastered life’s daily tasks and went on to show that he can do everything that able bodied people can do-including writing, typing, play drums, brush his teeth.

    How the fuck does he brush his teeth AND play drums? Mind you looking at the second pic he does look to have a semi on.

    The lucky bastard, that's all i can say !
  2. He has a massively over developed cock as a result of using it to move him self around with.
  3. He can play the drums, and brush his teeth the same way he plays darts.

    "put the darts in my mouth flites first"........"Now throw the fucking board at me"
  4. i bet his missus bounces around on him like a pogo stick
  5. Fuck off can be brush his own teeth.
  6. He's got a flipper like foot which he can do all manner of things with. He must have a cock like a babies arm though.
  7. No limbs and a bird that, let's be honest, is on the ropey end of the Thai bride looking tarts.

    You've got a twisted idea of lucky.
  8. I would.
  9. At least he doesn't have to bother with all that foreplay shit or cuddles afterwards.
  10. Apparently, she's of Japanese and Latino Parents. I would. :)
  11. Leave him alone,he's armless enough.Although he's been known to get legless.
  12. 'as he got older he eventually began to embrace his disability'

    In a purely metaphorical sense, no doubt...
  13. Bob........

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  14. Who needs a tripod when you can balnce a camera on a 3 foot long knob.....

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