Hundreds turn out for Cpl Tom Gadens funeral in Taunton....

I don't have a news link however one of my work (navy) colleagues has just returned from attending Cpl Gadens funeral. 100's of bikers turned up, both military and civilian to act as a bikers honour gaurd - as requested by Cpl Gadens mum.

Many members of the general public also lined the street in respect. All in all it was an outstanding tribute to this soldier.

rip fella
I was one of the bikers privileged enough to be able to pay my respects today, I thought you may like to see some of the photos.
All the best to you all.



Book Reviewer
Great show of support, well done the Bikers, the locals and everyone who cared. Makes a refreshing change from all the negative sh1t we've been hearing in the press recently about the 'homecoming protesters'.

RIP to Cpl. Gaden.
Backing up the thoughts of everybody in thanking the people of taunton for their turnout at Cpl Gadens funeral, must also single out Bugbird in thanking him for the photos, it proves if any proof was needed that bikers are a close knit community as are we in the military

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