Hundreds pay respect to slain PC,ex Black Watch

Just caught this on MoD Oracle,

Hundreds of mourners have paid their last respects to a police officer shot dead as he defended his unarmed colleagues.

Pc Ricky Gray was gunned down by rat-catcher Peter Medlicott when he was called to a domestic dispute in Shrewsbury on May 6.

At his funeral in Shrewsbury Abbey, Pc Gray, who served in the First Battalion the Black Watch for 16 years before joining the police, was afforded full police and military honours.

A procession led by a lone Black Watch piper and the West Mercia Constabulary standard bearer, and flanked by police motorcyclists, brought the constable's coffin through Shrewsbury town centre to the abbey.

Pc Gray's wife Jenny, whom he married in Venice last August, followed the coffin with 40 marching officers from Shrewsbury police station......

RIP PC Gray.
My heatfelt condolences to your family & colleuges.
Killed doing his job, a brave man, a dignified funeral. god keep him. RIP.


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WMC and the Black Watch did him proud today. The Abbey was packed with Police Officers, familyand members of the BW association. The public listened to the service relayed through speakers outside.
Rest in Peace Ricky.
I said R.I.P the other day when I heard a policeman had been killed not knowing he was ex Army. Respect to the man who's served his country twice.
RIP - you brave man.

Our nation does not deserve you and your kind. Sleep now, with the love and thanks of those who do care when evil takes one of our own.

Happy memories of working with 1BW. Great chaps, esp. in a tight corner.
Me, born inShrewsbury.

Me, totally Welsh.

Me, humbled that this brave man, a Scotsman, who served in a truly great regiment, dies in the town of my birth.

I salute him, and I pray for his family and friends.

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