'Hundreds of UK troops' in Afghanistan after 2015

Hundreds of British soldiers will stay in Afghanistan after the UK pulls out combat troops, the chief of the defence staff has said.

The government wants troops to leave by 2015, but says some will remain to support and train Afghan forces.

General Sir David Richards said the final figure was undecided, but it would be hundreds rather than thousands.

Their role is to prevent Afghanistan being used as a terrorist base.

Gen Richards, speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme, said: "We haven't yet decided what the residual figure will be, but I think we are looking in the hundreds rather than the thousands."

He said Britain's role was not to "extinguish the insurgency" but to reduce it to a level that Afghan security forces can take on, and to prevent the country being used as a base to train terrorists.

BBC News - 'Hundreds of UK troops' in Afghanistan after 2015
Hundreds will probably be a similar proportion to our numbers now after a bit of redundancy.

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