Hundreds of troops in fight with MoD over compensation

Hundreds of injured troops in fight with MoD over compensation payments
Hundreds of troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are locked in legal battles with the Ministry of Defence over the size of their compensation awards, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
Published: 9:00PM BST 22 Aug 2009

The MoD has admitted that 279 injured servicemen and women are now appealing against payments they received under the government's controversial Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS).
It can also be revealed that an estimated 11,000 servicemen have been wounded on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and in training since 2005.

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Those appealing against the awards include troops who have been paralysed, lost limbs and have been blinded fighting insurgents.
Defence sources have warned that the compensation scheme is now in a state of chaos and that all pending awards should be shelved until a comprehensive review of the current system has been completed.
More than two thirds of people want British troops out of Afghanistan, a poll found last night.
According to the BPIX survey, 69 per cent believe British forces should not be fighting in the country while 72 per cent think Gordon Brown is handling the war “badly” or “very badly”
There are still thousands who tried and got nothing going back to the Falklands and Northern Ireland
i myself am locked in a battle for more compensation, i have recently been medically discharged and was awarded a one off amount slightly higher than my monthly wage!!! i am still waiting for my p45 and leaving certificate, i cant work and they have paid me pennies, what was the point, i am in a worse situation than when i joined as a youngster!

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