The other night I watched on Discovery channel the Programme, Tactical to Practical.
Military ideas converted to practical civilian use.
First section was on the US Forces Humvee.
It showed how the Jeep had been surpassed, the 'replacement jeep' only slightly larger rejected, and then how the Humvee had cum into being.
I was ammazed by the terrian crossing capability of the Humvee for the only ones I have seen have been out here and they are just massive, a monster compared to the jeeps still used by local forces.
The Land Rover must be due replacement, and I am sure I have seen some comment on this board.
Anyone driven the humvee ? How does it compare to our 'Beloved' of old Rover ?
Just what are we planning for the future ?
I was talking to an ex BMW employee and he was defending their purchase and sale of 'Rover' He said people would be surprised how much BMW 'learned' and 'extracted' from Rover before they sold it off for £10.
IMO there's nothing wrong with the Rover, why change a winning formula? There are so many in service it would be a massive job to change them.
Okays some issues with the Humvees/ Hummers ... they are huge... i was told it was the width of a London bus before we got to dirve them and its true, it has the handeling of a battle ship compared to Landrover 90/ 110
It drinks fuel, makes the Land Rovers look super economical
Heavy as can be, empty weight, the heavier you are off road the less mobile you are, especially on sand/ soft ground but soft sand is the worst, and take in to account say 4 troops with all the various kit, junk and ammo you throw in the back, or for civvie use families/ kids/ pet dogs/ etc makes it yet heavier...but not an issue if all you want to do is pose in it on roads and not take it off road at all...
But over all a nice bit of kit, i would not say no if i was offered one, just would not like to be paying the fuel costs at UK prices!
The humvee isn't that bad but it's very cramped inside for such a big TUM - you can get more people in the back of a 110. The humvee has better ballistic protection but those canvas doors are a waste of time.
Everyone knows Humvees guzzle fuel at a rediculous rate. Only the yanks can afford to feed them. Just ask the druggies and gangsters who have shiney black ones, or stretch versions in chavland. It was a silly, expensive procurement to make billions of dosh for the motor industry. They still blow up and don't protect the poor sods inside them. The extra weight has made no difference to the protection.
The LR was always better in the Cold war cos it could get between the european trees, not really a consideration in the desert. The US have a base for at least 27 load bodies in the Hummer, and it suits there ops. Their kit had out grown the rusting M151 Mutt as well.

The LR is being outgrown by the (shit design) kit we now want to put in it and something bigger will be needed, but there is little es to match it in it XD form for sheer ruggedness.

Ford (the LR parent) don't seem particularly interested in chasing the specilalist mil market and from a prod view the Defender is a costly nightmare. they want to push a ruggedised Disco 3 or F150 pick-up at the job.

Whatever we get it'll have to be screwed by the procurement system and won't be what was asked for BUT it will come from the lowest bidder!

I own (&have owned) a few LRs and wouldn't say no to a Hummer, but parking would be a problem in England (and Red Kens anti 4x4 people would cr*p themselves!)
The HMMWV or Humvee or Hummer comes in SEVERAL variants. The power plant is a 6.2L detroit diesel engine. The maximum cross country distance you can travel in a combat loaded HMMWV is about 327 miles for one full tank of fuel. They are slow, with a top speed of about 70 mph, and will go 0-60 mph in about 30 seconds, no anti lock brakes, and a 3 speed auto transmission.

The M1114's (armored variant) features a Turbo Charged engine with better acceleration, air conditioning etc. They are WIDE in any variant. You can become quite affectionate with a hummer. I agree that the troop compartment leaves alot to be desired. The two 24v Batteries are stored under the right front seat, the massive transmission takes up most of the leg room. The two best spots in the rig are the drivers seat, and the gunners cupola. The absolute worst spot is the commanders seat (right front) with the smallest bit of leg room, and it always seemed to me that there is ZERO insulation between the body of the hummer around the engine and the passenger leg area. In Iraq, I always had a wet towel between the my left leg and the body, otherwise you could actually burn yourself.

Soldiers have been killed inside the armored 1114 hummer, but mostly they are not. I have seen the 1114 suffer an IED attack, make a U turn and drive back to camp, whereupon the engine died. No one inside was injured. Oil pan was ripped to shreds and oil was all over the top of the rig, tires were like swiss cheese and the glass was badly marred. Amazing rig.

I do bemoan the terrible acceleration and lack of manueverability. What can you tell me about the French VAB. From the looks of it, its a good design. I would like something with the acceleration/braking/turning of a ferrari, the protection of a South African Rooivik, sound of a german marder, with american whiz bang gizmos, bells and whistles.

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