Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. Hooters

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  2. Spearmint Rhino

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  3. Peppermint Hippo

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  4. FYEO

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  5. Oh La La's

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  6. The Central Perk Coffee Shop

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  7. More Car parking slots

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  1. It is no longer a rumour, Humph Bahdurs will be closing at the end of the month!!!

    Or so I've been told on many previous occasions.

    But this time it appears to be concrete.

    So what would you like to see replace it?

    Write it down or vote on my pre-fab poll above!!! :D

    (Obviously what you would like to see replace it and what will replace it will bear no resemblance to each other!!)
  2. Well cant say I will miss it.

    The place is grossly overpriced and only senior officers get the real good food.

    It also has been the centre of an illegal Nepalese immigrant ring (remember when the Ghurka Captains wife was arrested by the coppers, shock horror!!)

    I think they should expand the King George bar, make it bigger say with a a proper familys bar as a lot of pads and ankle biters use it.

    Give it a proper veranda for the lovely dorset summer.

    They should then maybe have a traditional pub food counter. But no takeway, its a pain in the arrse for the duty staff.

    You want a keebab then get one on the way back from town or order a delivery.

    Probably cut down on litter too.

    So Mr B has gone... About time!!
  3. So I've heard.

    You're idea is pretty much what i'd like to see, as an part-time user at the moment, a bit of a clean up and redecoration I might even take the Mrs in!!!
  4. I dunno i'm fairly certain whatever happens blandford will feck it up completley,
  5. Wetherspoons would be nice!!!!

    They do cheaper beer prices during the day!

    what better reason to **** work off and have a few scoops!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. How about a bar that opens during the day. Even if it's just at weekends.
  7. Hooters! 8) Nachos and Tits...... I mean Chips! (of course....!) Deffo need a revamp tho, maybe they'll turn in into a new roundabout, too small for a swimming pool.......... :lol:
  8. While i was on a course last year, i heard that the humphs lot were getting the boot (about bloody time, i've had a rant about this before, they needed to go). Talk was of turning it into a more British pub affair, with traditional bar food etc. Just dont let XL Lesiure get their hands on the project. You'll end up with unhelpful staff, awful food (the chips and cheese available in the bowling alley is an example of this) and absolutely no atmosphere at all.

    Wouldnt one of the chain pubs be interested? I'm sure something like a Hogs Head, Yates's or Whitherspoons would serve the purpose quite well.

  9. Perhaps it could be made into another bar for the phase 2 sprogs!!
    those poor Darlings must be fed up with the one they have at the moment!
    They could have a choice of which one to go to, and we could provide an extra upgrader to check ID's in there to!!!!!
    It could be open for them all weekend, and have beer prices suplemented, as they dont earn that much!(poor things)
    I am sure they would treat it with respect and not vandalise it whatsoever!!!
    Perhaps we could also lay on a few upgraders to taxi them downtown and pick them up when they need a lift. Free of charge of course!!The upgraders could then tuck them in before lights out!!
    ( just trying to see this oportunity through the eyes of ATRA!!!)
  10. Alternatively, knock that part of the building down.

    Erect a gallows. Any Phase 2 who is cheeky, *uks up, dears to walk on the grass or is involved in any other mistermeanor could be hung by the neck until dead. Left to rot until the skin falls from the bones.

    Would make a suitable example to all other Phase 2s to get their act together.

    Right Centurion lets be off.
  11. Just give us a pub, a decent one with decent beer, that opens at the wekend for the sport, has staff who are actually behind the bar and has decent prices.

    If 21 sigs can manage to organise a decent bar surely this place can.
  12. Yeah!!! i'm with you mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 21 Sigs has a decent bar ? It was dog toffee when I was last there though that was a few years ago. Is it still called 'The get you in bar' ?
  14. Seriously 21 got rid of NAAFI, the old provo sgt took it over, got the beer prices down and the beer tasted good and topped it off with wife beater at 1.90 a pint. Anywhere near bath that's a good price. The pubs in the village have nearly gone bust.
  15. Who gives a shit about that, bunch of ******* sproggs, get more respect than real soldiers there, and all the tech upgraders can **** off as well, shame that the place will shut? Yeah right!!
    Who put OoH la la's on the poll, surely there cant be anyone who has been there on this crap its outside 7 BDE's front gate for all you sprogg twats that dont know!!
    Anyone who has a problem with my outlook can **** off as well!!

    Name and address supplied, will fight