hummer or merc?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by grab_a_spoon!, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. i've bin hearing various rumours that the armed forces are losing the rovers in favour of either the hummer or a merc, anyone any ideas? are we still gonna keep the mighty bedford? or is eddy stowbart gonna move all my radio kit?
  2. I heard a rumour that something german was coming in, think there was an article in soldier a few mobths ago. The army couldnt not afford hummers and lets be honest they're a bit arrse really. Not a patch on the old rover when it comes to off road. Keep the good old rover i say. Just improve the suspension for BOWMAN
  3. agreed mate, surly it would cost less to improve the suspension for bowman and such-likes. saying that the army did pay extra to have all the stereos taken out of the rovers
  4. the trouble with the rovers we use now is that they are too narrow, this is why we can no longer carry cam systems on top, wouldnt have that trouble with a hummer!!!
  5. Just come from a unit which uses Merc GD's - possibly the worst off-road vehicle ever built! Needless to say I hope Brit units don't start using them!
  6. No they didn't. Wolf was a custom build for the Brit Armed Forces.

    You may be getting confused with the mini-Metro staff car fleet of the 1980s. They came with radio cassettes as standard but the MoD thought they could save money by having them removed. Sadly, they were wrong as British Leyland charged for the removal. Quite beautiful.
  7. All the Septics and Dutch I spoke to in Iraq hated the Hummers, too big and hard to control. No idea about the Mercs though.
    Not that much wrong with the Rovers, just need a bit of a tweeking for Bowman.
  8. Seen the thing in person, think japaneese 4x4 with a green shell and a remote GPMG mount on top, aparently there's a nice bit of armour over the passenger part, but sweet FA over the engine.
  9. [​IMG]


    Isnt this the way we are going?

    I hope we dont go anywhere near the Merc GD, used it for a few years with NATO, and its so underpowered its almost stationary. And thats unloaded, god knows what it would be like with a comms det in the back.

  10. Why is it named after a WWII German tank?
  11. msr

    msr LE


    The armour protection is tuneable by the replacement of armour packs within the vehicle's external skin. The basic add-on armour pack provides ballistic protection against small arms fire and a heavier kit provides protection against ambush including mines.

    Presumably this includes RPGs?

  12. It might have been an idea to design a radio that fitted in the most ubiquitous veh in the British fleet - but this is the MoD! :roll:

    The Panther FCLV has all the promise of any other joint project - Late, over budget, under equipped and out of date at inception! Its based on a design from an Italian company that is owned by Ford - need we say more (that said LR is also Ford so...). :p

    The 4 tonners are apparently to be replaced by a 15 year old MAN design that the Germans have had in service for ages and are very good. The trouble is we're going to lease them from the crooks that supply the tank transporter and modify (read: screw) the design for"our own specialist needs". More like special needs. Oh, they'll be late as well! :oops:
  13. Because we're rapidly running out of names.

    I think the Chally 2 repalcement will be called either "Crumpet" Or "Cnut" 8O
  14. They should have called it after a WWII Brit plane...... Lancaster! Be brilliant driving one of them around the old Mohnesee Dam.