Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. I fecking hate HUMINTers. All that special pay, 80% of all Int...blah...blah


    Actually I don't. What I do hate is that attitude you get off some of them (mostly the guys who have just passed the course, and are not naturally Corps).

    Anyway I have tracked down this holier than thou attitude. They've got the big man on their side, and I don't mean the CRSM and D Int either.

    They've only gone and got themselves a bloddy patron saint.

    Curiously its Syrian...

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  2. 80% of all Int, PML, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  3. That is a god's honest quote that I have seen and heard from the unit on the hill, though they were talking about the sealess beach.
  4. wow, i know a lot of people who follow him :)

    not all huminters are "aho"s though

    (i have to say that, i work for one and he reads arrse and knows my ID...)
  5. Everyone knows your ID.

    But your boss doesn't know mine and I say he's a tosser! Only kidding Sir, whoever you are?
  6. CR's boss isn't a sir. CR has reached that high.

    No that came out wrong, it reads like CR is some sort of Dwarf.
  7. It might be wrong, but it seems so right..........
  8. whereas some people hide behind their anonymity to say things they wouldn't dare to in real life ;)
  9. Damn right!

    Unfortunately calling an officer a useless cnut is never good for promotion, even if everyone agrees with you because it's true.

    So I never say these things in real life, despite the voices which keep telling me to..............................
  10. ah, so that's where i've been going wrong.........
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Let me tell you if you think Corps people who gather HUMINT are a pain, I hope you never come across any 'foreigners' gathering HUMINT, now that's a pain. Personally I make it an issue not to poke my nose too deeply into other people's business, and thus have only had it broken the once.
  12. On Telic we were just working with the Australian Int corps escorting
    them on Humint tasks .What a great bunch of lads .In the Aussie
    army if you want to join The Int corp you have to do a few years in
    an other corp.Most of the Aussie Int guys where either Ex Inf or ex Cav .
    A pleasure to work work with , and not in the slightest bit like
    the bunch of arrogant ,stuck up,wanna be SF ,Brit Humint that we had
    working with on Telic 5 .
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I don't think the phrase 'stuck up' figures in the Aussie psyche, I may be wrong, just not in my experience.

    (P.S. I didn't mean CAZAB 'foreigners', well actually maybe I did mean septics, even tho' they supposedly speak English)
  14. thanks paveway, voice of reason as ever ;)
  15. Eh no dig at INT corp lads . Just some HUMINT bods are complete
    knobbers . We worked WITH the Aussies we worked FOR the BRITS .