my guess is all the publicity linked to the 'Spanking Moseley' story will have added greatly to the guys humiliation -- just what he wanted -- him a happy chappy.

fifteen with the birch, six with the cane - tough bloke. :cry:
Vimeiro said:
one-flew-over said:
? Link or explaination????
Thought it was obvious!!!
The story is but I think he was asking what the point of the post was.
Are you on about the F1 nazi boss fellow?
yes Max Moseley, FI supremo, paying good money (£2,500) for a whacking and humiliation. (as reported in Sunday papers)
the press publicity must be very humiliating -- just what the guy wanted!


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Yeah, I mean, it's not like it's already been done on another thread already, or anything. Keep up boy, keep up!

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