Humiliation for Blair Gov't as Britain pulls out o

Well the Govt have been forced to face the issue of overstretch as the 40 year old ACE is disbanded as the farce Tony B Liar gov't finally faces the humiliating fact that it cannot sustain a mere 1500 troops for this vital NATO asset. The 6000 strong former NATO unit was placed on high alert for deployment "accross the full spectrum of operations from humanitarian assistance to war fighting" in 1995. In the pitiful years of Blair leadership the withdrawl of British troops has led to the disbandment oif this unit because of overstretch in the so-called "War Aainst Terrorism (TW@T). The force was always designed to deploy rapidly, but without a core of British troops NATO has reached the decision that this is no longer possible. With the withdrawl of British troops the effort was no longer viable and the ACE has been disbanded.

Humiliation to Blair I say!

Enough of my drunken the Telgraph and discuss!

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Oh good-we can all go to war for the benefit of nice mister bush's ego and that of his lap dog-for heaven's sake Tony-the shaggin tanks wont work, the guns jam and the boots melt-the Iraqi army may be crap but there are an awful lot more of them than us and any idiot can fire an AK-a weapon that never jams, is easy to maintain by ignorant peasants and is accurate to 200 metres-all you need in infantry contact-so can we have a few please!!!!!!!!
Couldn't sleep last night, so was watching BBC news 24, suffice to say, I'm shagged. However, the "Hardtalk" programme featured Gwyneth Dunwoody. Must say, I came away impressed by her interview.

Suffice to say, the Bluppet won't get away with it. I especially liked her take on the Bluppets statement "We must take the fight to the terrorists, that's why we have to invade Iraq"

Apart from reiterating the statement, that there is no proof whatsoever, that Iraq was involved in 911, she intimated that if we were going to adopt that stance, there was terrorism closer to home that needed sorting first, before we went and fought Americas wars for them.

Just to repeat an earlier point I made, how many times have the Septics offered to help us with our military "problems" worldwide, by force of arms since 1945?
We are quite an arrogant Army, so accepting help from anybody always seems to be done as a last resort.

However they haven’t offered and that’s the real point.


In fairness, the Yanks did give us a fair bit of covert support during the Falklands War (satelite overflights etc.), which they didn't have to.

Still, sod 'em.  As a country they've materially contributed to supporting the terrorists we've been fighting for the last 30 odd years, and thanks to them it now appears that R&B no longer means the Rolling Stones, but bunches of hideously wailing beeat-ches moaning on about cars, guns and garden implements. :mad:
We are quite an arrogant Army, so accepting help from anybody always seems to be done as a last resort.

Has this attitude changed?

Before anyone shouts "Holy Thread Batman!," this thread popped up in the "similar threads" section at the bottom of the thread you're watching or posting, so was curious to see what was being said in it. Interesting to see the discussion before the actual start of the invasion.