Humiliated as a child by parents

We all know parents would tell s
Quirky lies to there children just because they can.
E.G watching too muct tv will make your eyes go square.
Let's see who has the funniest strory.
If you swallow chewing gum it will wrap around your heart and you will die, so I'd stay away from chewwy if I was you son!

Sent from my iPhone after numerous autocorrections of correct spellings
dec 24th 2230 at night. Mother says; .if you dont go to sleep Santa wont leave you presents.....
Did you get any presents then last Christmas ?
Wanking makes hairs grow on the palm of your hand.

Or makes you grow up looking like Tony Blair.
When the ice cream van plays music it means he's sold out.
Your face will stay like that if the wind changes direction.
I used to say that to my daughter when she'd pull a funny face. Oh how I laughed when she got Bell's Palsy...

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