Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team tragedy

Awful news in rural Saskatchewan today. On a trip to an away playoff game a junior hockey team bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos was involved with a truck. Reporting 14 dead so far (3 still in critical condition). These guys would be in their mid to late teens and full of excitement as its playoff time.

having just watched my son come to the end of a 14 year junior hockey career, I can just picture the atmosphere on that bus.

Devastating for the parents and families from such a small community (6000) and my heart goes out to them. RIP. Dusty here right now.

Sorry I can't work out a link, and apologies if a thread is already there.

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Those poor people. Tragedy doesn't seem a strong enough word but it's the best I can come up with. Thoughts to the families and friends.
Felt nation wide. A tragedy that is hard to accept and understand. My heart felt sympathy and condolences to the families.
National Hockey League rinks are spending the final Saturday of the regular season honouring the Humboldt Broncos, and paying respect to the victims and families affected by the horrific crash that claimed 15 lives Friday evening in northeastern Saskatchewan.
It was a particularly special scene in Winnipeg. The Jets and Blackhawks stood alternately at the centre-ice circle for a moment of silence and the national anthems, each team with their individual nameplates replaced by “BRONCOS” to demonstrate unity and support.
“In hockey, we have learned that you don’t play for the name on the back of the jersey, you play for the crest on the front,” the PA announcer at Bell MTS Place explained.
“Tonight, the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhawks, together with the National Hockey League, are playing this game for the names on the back of our jersey: the Humboldt Broncos.”
I hope I'm not trying to minimise the tragedy, but the news coverage of this accident has been so over the top by the CBC, Global, CTV and the papers in their efforts to make the viewers/readers flesh creep in order to drive up numbers that I am now put off from wanting to read or watch any more.


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Sad news. Across Canada people are leaving their hockey sticks outside as a sign of respect. My young sons foam stick and the one I knocked up to play outside with until we get him something proper.

Even the Canadian troops in Iraq have shown their support

I'm from Massachusetts, what my Canadian friends think of as "The Deep South". Nevertheless I can understand the impact of this horrible accident in Canada. There are very few families in Canada that do not have some member who played hockey at some level. They understand the nature of the loss.

A former hockey legend, Hon. Ken Dryden PC OC, who was a member of six Stanley Cup winning teams was later a Minister in Liberal government. He has written several books. One book, "Home Game" is about the impact of hockey on Canadian life. He feels that the prevalence of hockey across the nation is part of the glue that holds together the fishing communities in the maritimes, the Francophone people of Quebec, the industrial and corporate culture of Ontario, and the farmers of the prairie provinces. I think there is some truth in what he wrote. I do know that I was talking with my Ontario Godkids this week and they certainly feel some impact from the accident.
Our sticks are outside too. In some ways I can’t read or watch any more about it but it’s going to affect me for a long time I think.

the junior and youth hockey world is so tight here and hard to explain to non Canadians how much of a national identity the sport has. I brought home to me how many times I put my young un in a bus, and see him at the game. When they are 18 dads don’t go on the bus.

Never a right time but game five meant the excitement and atmosphere would be at its height.
Sadly the death toll has risen to 16.

A young woman, 24, who was the team's athletic trainer/therapist passed away today from head trauma.

CBC on death of the trainer.
Lorry driver charged in Canada bus crash

I can't think of a constructive comment. If it is proven he is guilty I hope they throw away the key.
He blew through a stop sign and a flashing red light (like a stop sign but more emphatic in North America)
Throw way the key?? He killed 16 young people. Hell, just weld the cell door shut and cut it open when he finally dies.

About the hockey sticks outside the door. My neighbors across the street have three hockey playing sons. The oldest left Harvard this year to sign with the Bruins. They still have the sticks out.
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