Whilst walking along the footpath I clocked an old gentleman (about 90s) standing at a bus stop and low and behold he had quite a large WW2 rack on him, albeit it needed some TLC.... It just seemed out of the blue and I had no idea there were any parades on as such and thought I bet this guy has an interesting story to tell. Getting closer, I noticed on the right end of his rack he had the TA efficiency medal amongst his Burma, France - Italy, 39 - 45 star etc. So I actually became genuinely interested because I reckon these old veterans dont get chat from young guys about their experiences so much. Anyway, I shook his hand and said thank you for all he and his comrades did back in WW2 and he should be proud of himself.

Then, he said... 'thank you son! That plonker Cameron is wrecking our army! Back in '40, we thought we were hard done by, by being on Dunkirk with only rifles and hardly any ammunition! and in Burma those bloody japs cut us off by blocking the roads...'

Where are you off to today I asked?

He says... 'I'm off to a parade.... I'm the last one now out of my Regt...'

And then his bus came. So was a brief encounter but quite a humbling one at that.
I feel a little more Homo after reading that. I don't think it's the situation as such but the raving Twilight reading faggot way that you presented it to us.


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To be fair, fending off Jarrods engorged member with nothing but my face seems more appealing than reading about this "Humbling experience"
Me and Prince Albert will share you in Wakefield. Now what was this thread about?
Oh perhaps if our gentler poster looked at the Burma star association he may gain some insight about what men did in those hot, humid and sweaty places.

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