I am in Spain and earlier met the wife and family of one of our sadly fallen, I have to say that they have thoroughly enjoyed their stay and are a cracking family, the beach was hot the golf good and the beer cold so they say!

Nice to have met you.

Well done to all for getting this sorted. :D
And thanks to you for all your time, generosity and hard work.
Dave - you are a dancer. Give them our love and thanks for popping into chat xxxx
Everyone in life has choices,

Some choose to do their best, others just sit around and watch.

Sometimes life is fair, sometimes it's not.

Sometimes you might lose someone you love.

Back into "me" mode.

Give some money you cunts.
Hi all, just to let you know I have now visited 3 families in Spain the last couple of days, 2 who were families of KIA sadly and 1 WIA, they have asked me to pass on their thanks and are so impressed by what you do here. They are stunned by the generosity shown by strangers.

Thank You
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