Humble Pie Being Eaten.

The site is screaming at the moment, like someone dropped a V8 block in a mini. Really fast , minimal buggie bits and 400+ people on line.

So perhaps accidentally, a very good combination of load v content has been found?

OooooO Avatars on the left etc etc :D
Alsacien said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
One way to make the server faster would be to get rid of all the STABS.

Couldn't you give them their own site? Or could they just leech onto the official ACF website?

.....and the women, don't forget the women - keep 'em off at peak times or invitation only :wink:
Had a Coy Comd once who said of the site:

Aggressive Little Ginger Bloke:

Used to be good until they let STABS, Juniors and feckin' Civvies on...
As an FTRS Officer at the time that made me feel really valued, I can tell you.
awwww nuts ! too late to cancel the new PC then , I liked the new site once aufait with it. Respect for all that hard work and putting up with the abuse/winging/I havent read all the thread but why oh why.......

( also a smarmy git )
Good CO:

Thanks for the good effort and thanks for getting us back to the working version.

If I was on your side of the Atlantic and knew who you are I would buy you a beer. Since I am not, ans since it is currently 96F (35C) here in Boston I promise you I will drink a COLD beer on your behalf as soon as I am done work and can leave my office with it's dead A/C system. (Murphy's law in Action)
Thank god I can understand it all again!! Sorry Good CO but that upgrade wasn't a patch on what you already have, why try and change a great thing that works well?


Book Reviewer
Thanks for the effort GCO but we fear change
Thats why the SLR and puttee threads thrive

It's like bumping into a favorite ex girlfriend being back to this
I can only imagine your frustration.

Need some hedgehog fat? It's reputed to be a good hair restorer.
I'd just got used to the new one. Ah well, back to familiar ground. Just one thing; when we go back to the new version can we change Sigs to Signals?
If you do too much, people become dependant. If you do too little, people lose faith. When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

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