Humble Bundle- 6 games for however much you want to pay

I'm downloading sims 3. Got up to 6gb then it seems to be going backwards.
6,000 KB now down to 5,300 KB

WTF, never seen that before. Anyone have a scooby?


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Bought and paid for. I finally downloaded Origin for this so now I need some friends' IDs!

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Cheers very much for the link- shame my ea origins is a different email to my ps3 accounts- gonna have to start burnout from scratch
You can get Steam versions of most of them if you're that way inclined.
For those who are having problems with the Origin client application or games crashing it may be caused by NVidia Drivers settings. This can be solved by finding the offending graphical setting in your NVidia Control Panel. For me it was 8 x FSAA, I reduced it to 2x and no more problems.

If you cant get the Origins client to start at all or games crash immediately then right click the shortcut and Open program with the Integrated Graphics Controller. From there you can at least load these awesome games, running the game itself crash free (ironic for Burnout series) is very much dependant on the NVidia settings themselves I'm afraid.
I remember Burnout Paradise being a right cock. For a start there's **** all to see in game aside from sidewalks and construction sites, and then there's that yabbering mong who insists on interrupting the terrible 2008 emo squawk EA trax reckons is music.

Funny thing is a couple of days ago EA fucked up royal with a bunch of validation codes and folk were getting the entire library of Origin for absolutely nothing. They've locked down now.

EA's desperate for some decent PR at this point. The last few years have not been kind to them.
True Burnout Paradise is pretty $hite but the other titles in this particular Humble Bundle were damned good and nowadays, unless it's a triple A title I'll never spend out for any other games when I can legitimately get 5-10 games for £5. The new bundle is worth it just for Magika :)

EA themselves, completely agree with all the comments above and elsewhere in the forum. Their customer support is awful and it was trial and error to find the NVidia problems with their Origins client, those graphics compatibility issue details are not on the EA support pages hence the detailling above. I also doubt they will ever patch the client to rectify it...
Ok, speaking as a mong I've paid my money. I have the codes, now how the feck do I download the games?

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Ok, speaking as a mong I've paid my money. I have the codes, now how the feck do I download the games?

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Assuming they're Steam codes you'll need to access Steam (download it and make a free account if you haven't got one already). Go to the "Games" menu at the top of the app then "activate a product on Steam". Enter codes, job done.

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and if you chose the Origin client (which you actually need to get 2 of the games that are not available on Steam) then download the EA Origin client installer from their EU website. Once in the application (see before about NVidia cards and crashing problems) there is a redeem code choice in one of the menus at the top. Cut and paste the individual codes that you received in the Humble Bundle email.
Thanks guys

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