Humberside Police Cut Numbers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Police force to shed 300 officers

    Mr Griffin said officer numbers would be cut through natural wastage
    Up to 300 police officer posts are to be axed and replaced with support staff roles, Humberside Police has announced.
    The force said the changes would free up the remaining Pcs from "back office" and administrative duties and would improve frontline policing.

    It said the officers' posts would go over the next five years through a process of natural wastage.

    Deputy chief constable David Griffin said it would release some 20,000 hours of officer time back on the streets.

    Humberside Police said it would recruit between 350 and 400 support staff.

    The loss of the 300 posts accounts for 13.5% of the force's full time police officers.

    'Faster investigations'

    Mr Griffin said the changes would mean officers would not be "bogged down" with bureaucracy.

    He said they would no longer have to wait and undertake tasks such as fingerprinting and form filling.

    The changes are part of a government review of policing to free up officers' time by improving police support work and reducing unnecessary bureaucracy.

    The plans were agreed at a meeting of Humberside Police Authority on Tuesday.

    Mr Griffin said: "By realigning the back office tasks, currently done by police officers, we can speed up investigations considerably and provide improved service to victims of crime and members of the public."
  2. Bollcocks!!!

    The more I hear chiefs say they're cutting paperwork, the more appears.

    Back office officers have vast empires to run and they won't be keen on losing them and have to go back on the streets.

    Seems like the promises of more officers free'd up is just a bit of a smockescreen for the bad news that officer numbers will be cut now that New Liebour are cutting back their much vaunted funding.

    My force is due to lose about 10% of it's sworn officers within the next 3 years, again by natural wasteage, with PCSO and "Civilian Support Staff" recruitment increasing.

    All in order to save money.
  3. My calculator tells me that the new force size will be 2222 peelers. Let's say 2000 on the beat. That's 10 hours extra per bod per what?

    20,000 hours per .... ? Sorry can't be rrrrrrrsd to search the web.
  4. Well just how many cops do you need to patrol the sides (banks) of a river :?

    Yeah, yeah close the door on my way out..I know :D
    Cc: Elliot MORLEY (;
    Ian Cawsey (
    Subject: Re: What Nonsense
    Importance: High

    Dear Mr Mabbett,

    Having heard, then read about the proposals for the Humberside Force, I find it nonsense to say these proposed cuts will not affect ‘Front Line Policing’!

    I attended a Police liaison meeting just outside Scunthorpe some years ago and suggested then that the police need more highly motivated well-trained civilians in the offices, to get the REAL police officers back out on the streets! Not to take away more officers and put more suits into the offices!

    You are taking this action, while in Lincolnshire they have asked for the precept to be increased to keep a reasonable level of police presence. So which is it, pay more because central government will not fund the extra, or WE really do not need those 300-trained police officers by the end of the next five years?

    I am aware that there are many officers now who are unfit for front line duties through no fault of their own; will they be the first to go.

    Police officers carry a warrant card and take on oath, so they can be trusted, how do we know that these civilians will be both right and can be trusted to do the job you will be asking of them? After all, with the fiasco after fiasco over the governments IT systems, how do we know those who are to be employed are both suitable and can therefore be trusted?

    Is there to be a ‘Public Consultation’, if so, how extensive will it be and who will have a chance to impute their concerns? As the present chair of a very Rural Parish Council, I cannot recall the last time I saw a police officer here in either Cadney or Howsham, or when they were able to attend a Parish Council meeting, we pay our precept, should we not be entitled to the same level of service.

    Recently, I have given more reports with photographs attached by email to our LPT, all ONE of him and two Plastic Policemen, is this again NOT Policing on the cheap?

    I look forward with very great interest to your comments and IF you are able to put my mind at rest.

    Sincere regards

    Charlie Bubbles
    Chair Parish Council
    “EX Military, when WE had an Army”

  6. I must be thick :( because I am totally failing to grasp the, er 'concept'.

    So unsworn civvy staff are replacing sworn desk jockeys, ie police officers. Roger that. But, correct me if I'm wrong, the sworn officers who were previously driving desks, are NOT going back on the streets are they? As I read it, they are being replaced through natural wastage, their jobs being taken by civvy unsworn staff.

    I understand these civvy staff may well be doing the administrative tasks that the previous (sworn) incumbents were doing, but surely this just means that civvies are doing exactly the same job that the desk jockey police officers were doing, so where's the gain :?

    All it means, as far as I can see, is that the front line officers numbers will not change (deffo won't increase that's for sure) the only change being the force are 300 officers down on the deal. I could see the advantage of getting the desk jockeys back onto frontline duties, if only for the novelty of laughing at them as they struggle with the increased administrative burdens of frontline policing. As far as I can see, this is not happening here is it.

    Then again, I may well just be having a bone moment. It has been known :D
  7. It was only TWO weeks ago that Lincolnshire Police went to the Public and increase the precept in Lincolnshire to keep an acceptable Service level across the county.
    As Central Government would NOT pay!

    Already in some areas, local people are paying for Private security firms to patrol their local neighbourhoods!

    And WE are at a higher risk of Terror Attacks?

    Here in Humberside they are cutting back on Fire and Rescue provision, closing two local fire stations and cutting back on units in other stations!

    Is there a theme appearing in all of this? Do WE need to pay extra for the Emergency Service, is so, WHY?
  8. Bloody right too!

    Police officers should be indoors navel gazing about how racist, negligent and heavy handed they are, NOT out protecting the public.

    The cheek of it, OUT of the station indeed.
  9. My bold; no such blo*dy place. You have the East Riding of Yorkshire to the north of the river and you have Lincolnshire to the south :evil:

    Granted you can keep Hull, as true Tykes have never accepted that they were part of Yorkshire :p
  10. The Police and Fire Brigade are STILL "Humberside", check out their websites mate!

    What does worry me is that while those are serving overseas, if the police and fire service do get cut, who will be here at home looking after OUR families?
  11. PCSOs (police constables stolen overtime) they're grrrrrreat!
  12. AND I could EAT one right now!!!

    Along with the reorganisation of the Ambulance Service two years ago, it seems to be "All Change".
    However, with the change in Ambulance area, we went from HUMBERSIDE to East Midlands Ambulance Service. As a local First Responder, we get the call at week-ends and can wait for a REAL ambulance for up to 40 minutes to arrive, BUT "We have made the Ambulance Response Time of 8 minutes", even if THEY aren't there!

    So with the cut back's in 'Police Officers' and the closure of local 'Fire Stations' and they have stautory response times, does that mean we will be training up locals to arrest the crooks and fight the fires, as well as rendering life saving medical aid!
    And still have the extra to pay on the Council Tax?

  13. Well, that's two of us thickos then.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Either we all turned stupid over night and are missing something major or this is a load of old bollox. I know which one I think it is. :roll:
  15. Sorry Mole, you clearly don't know much about police establishments/department. 1200 'on the beat' if you are lucky, divided by four shifts.

    But more pcso's so it's not all bad news.