Humber One Ton Armoured (A.K.A The Pig) restoration

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Da_Bomb, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Since leaving the Queens Fight Club, i have developed a bizarre taste in vehicles, and have recently acquired a Humber Pig!

    Now this isnt an ex N.I. vehicle, it was cast from service in 1967, and escaped been bought back for N.I. duties (Does this sound familiar?) making it rare.

    Does anybody have any pictures of Humber Pigs in service before Northern Ireland, i am nearing restoration and would like to put it into a units markings that actually used them.

    In the long shot hope, its Mil reg is 05BK61 and its an APC with winch, other than the info from above, i have no other history with this vehicle, so i am open to any info on them, i.e. any theatre they were used, camouflage, vehicle and unit markings etc.

    Would like to get it right, as these are not a particularly loved vehicle, and this one is a bit of a rarity!

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  3. Heres one i found
    Era? Feck knows :D

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  5. You should also ask on the REME pages - those VM freeks :) have every picture known to man.
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    There are a number of Pig owners on who I am sure will be glad to help. Tell them I recommended you to them (same userID).
  7. I'm one of the pig owners on HMVF! trying to get more info on my anonymous Pig! The link by putteesinmyhands is my vehicle prior to me buying it.
    Thankyou for all the pictures, but unfortunately they are all Northern Ireland spec :? , they slapped in an extra 2+ tons of armour plus barricade rams and viewing blocks, and nice guttering on the upper sides above the hatches and doors, so burning petrol didnt drip all over the occupants!
    Must have been real fun to drive, my Pig "Light" is no ball of fire, but at least it goes around corners and stops, without shredding its drive shafts and UJ's!
  8. Here's a MK1 Pig, externally they have different front hatches, and front and rear wings are different, they have lockers for storing kit, which is why they were removed as it was too easy to store an IED.
    No barricade Ram, and no extra armour plate around the cab area.

    Internally the N.I. spec has a double skin of 1/4" plate armour in the rear and over the front bulkhead, which is why they were so heavy, but would withstand A.P. rounds better.

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  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have seen one with a soft top!
  10. I was in NI when ours were uparmoured - it caused no end of problems as they were always prone to back axle problems. Our particular problem was fitting an outside aerial so the grunts could use manpacks whilst inside. We couldn't find a drill tough enough to drill through the new armour!
  11. Ho ho the fun we had in NI when as passenger you had to drop the viewing hatches in a hurry. Dont forget to shout 'fingers' to remind the driver to move his hands from the 10 to 2 position or his fingers would take a bashing. Now do you shout 'fingers' before you release the valve, as you release the valve or after......................?????????????????
  12. If your vehicle was a missile supply vehicle as possibly suggested by your post on MLU

    then it will have served with the RAC Parachute Squadron in Tidworth during the mid-sixties when they were equipped with Hornet/Malkara.
  13. 05BK61 is the Equipment Registration Mark (incorrectly called VRN). A long ago time I used to work in Equipment Management and the people who used to look after these were at Directorate of Supply Management at Chilwell.

    I will try to find out what they are called and where they are now. They will have a full in-service histroy of the vehicle.

    It will take time!


    Edited once for crap spelling.
  14. I found out that the missile supply vehicle was infact a softskin Humber one ton truck, modified to carry the Malkara/Hornet missile, somebody on the Historic vehicle forum has one of the Hornet launch vehicles, complete with missiles etc and is quite up on that subject!.

    Rickshaw-Major, i would be over the moon with anything you can get, much appreciated! :worship: