Humber Bridge

Discussion in 'Photography' started by No_Duff, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. At the end of last month I went and took some photos of the Humber Bridge. I found it hard to be original and don't think I managed it, still, here's one I took. Taken from the South side.

    Constructive slagging off welcome :)

  2. Did you photoshop the sun into sky? I assume so.

    I have a photo of my Biffins bridge somewhere. Will post it when I find it.
  3. Do you mean I made the sky bluer ?

    I did post process.
  4. Not a competition winner but composition fine. I think there is a ghosting along the bridge lines where the PP sky is not quite right. Makes a change from the directly underneath shot ot the bridge
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    They've just finished painting ours:

  6. I can't open your photo on the work computer, but assume from the comments you shot in colour. Ih ave some very moody shots of theold Severn Bridge. I shot on Ilford SFX, extended red sensitivity and cracking grain. Go monochrome and go stark.
  7. You should have lined up so that the bridge was central and you had a direct line through the support stanchions. Like my Dad did 25 years ago, when He took a similar picture. Was the pond behind you still full of oil and car tyres? We used to fish that pond until the local inbreds wrecked it
  8. Is this taken from the Barton or Hull side?
  9. How long is it since you took that 'photo?

    The only reason I ask is because there has been several pikeys pitched on the car park of late.

  10. Looks like its from Barton
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Veg leaning to the right suggests taken from Barton in the mid morning.
  12. Yeah, he says it was taken from the south side
  13. You're not wrong! Why does it do that? Thinking about it, its the same all the way up the river bank to the quarry
  14. Thanks all.

    Taken from the Barton side, I shall do Hull side soon.

    Pond is still there but hard to say whats in the pond as the water is a khaki colour. It's not to bad a place now.
  15. Humbersides finest armed plod have a range here Google Maps