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Human Shields



fukin wanka ! nuke the lot of them save us a lot of DSS money that way , where do they get the time off ? unless they are on the dole i suspect 90 % of them are
Sign them up!  Anyone willing to spend a long time battened down in a scimitar gets my endorsement!

Actually, could use the old panama technique - bombard them with military marching music until they give up!


i those idealistic muppets will get used by the iraqis and when the shit hits the fan they will be the first to be attacked by the mobs and taken hostage especially when they realise that their cause is not whats its cracked up to be .

let them die we can save a few bob in dss money  ;D
lets extradite all the illegal immigrants to Iraq even if we enlist them 1st. the reasons:
1  if you we´re to enlist them then there already climatised
2  save the dhs money
3  tax cuts for everyone
4  the unemployed become employed again
5  Send the illegal immigrants that came from bosnian and kosovo, over so then we can have our CD shops
6  with all the illegal immigrants out the way it will speed up channal tunnel times.
7  finally what other use have we got from the wasters
if all the stripey jumper wearing wasters go off to iraq in their buses, who's gonna get in my way selling Socialist Worker in town on a Saturday morning........ :mad:


Can I have one to run in front of me attracting the incomming. Maybe we will all be issued with one ;D

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