Human shield ******* go home

Now what would be nice is for the DSS to be waiting at customs, or even the security services, and hold them for investigation.  See if any are still claiming benefits, etc.  Bunch of nonces.  If they had their way, the people would still be tortured and murdered.


They didn't even work-perhaps they could be sent direct to Syria or N Korea so USAF and RAF can have another pop at the commie pinko leftist subversives-BTW I wonder how often the word ****** has appeared in the Grauniad (other than in reference to various new Lab polititians)
I thought that it was their collective intention to die as human shields (what a sh*te expression that is eh?) in Iraq.  They must have bottled it when the got their first look at the arrse end of an F- 15.  

The press should now take full advantage of the situation and they should be publically humiliated when they get back here.  

Human shields?....hahahahahaha.......what a bunch of tossers!!!.......... hahahahaha :D

Hippies..........don't ya just hate 'em?

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Firkin dicks should be locked up the lot of emmm

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