Human Shield fined $10,000

Funny or repressive

  • She deserves to lose her house and go to prison and rot

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Mr Happy

Now I don't know if this is terrible repression of free speech or just plain funny!

Human shield fined over sanctions

Miss Fippinger says she is prepared for prison
A retired US teacher who served as a human shield in Iraq has been told she faces fines of $10,000 by the US Government.
The US Department of the Treasury is fining Faith Fippinger because it says she broke US sanctions prohibiting citizens from engaging in "commercial, financial or trade transactions" after she entered Iraq in February.

When the 62-year-old returned on 4 May she was greeted by a letter warning that if she did not pay the amount, she faced up to 12 years' imprisonment or a lengthier legal battle that could run to over $1m in costs.

Miss Fippinger was among about 300 human shields from 30 countries - including 20 from the US - who made the journey to Iraq in an attempt to discourage bombing by coalition forces.

The former high school teacher from Sarasota, Florida, admitted spending about $200 while in Iraq, mainly on food and water.

Miss Fippinger told BBC News Online she had felt obligated to travel there after hearing US authorities were drawing up lucrative reconstruction contracts with US suppliers months before bombing had begun.

"I have written back to (the Treasury) to say if it comes to fines or imprisonment I'm not willing to contribute any money to the US Government so it can continue to build its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

"I don't want to go to prison, but I am prepared for it," she said.


Miss Fippinger said she had witnessed the first volley of cruise missiles heading towards Baghdad after the US attacks began on 20 March.

"The bombs would start at 0500, missiles would fly over the house we were staying in and I just thought, is it ever going to stop? It was terrifying."

"It was more sadness than fear that I felt when I watched the destruction," she said.

Crowds of supporters greeted the shields from Rome to Baghdad
As well as breaking trade embargo rules, Miss Fippinger has also been accused by the US Treasury of "providing services" to the former-Iraqi regime by acting as a human shield.

She stands to lose her retirement pay check, social security check and possessions to pay for the fine if authorities go ahead and push for the fine to be paid, officials told the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

"She was (in Iraq) in violation of US sanctions," said Taylor Griffin, a Treasury Department spokesman.

"That's what happens."


mmmm i know she did wrong in supporting the regime and the fact she has lost and shuffle back home , agreed she is a traitor i would have thought 6 months losing her welfare benefit would have done the trick , BUT the US are taking a huge sledgehammer to crack a tiny nut , where will it end it sets a dangerous precedent, it an overkill and we know the spam govt style of dealing with anybody who doesnt agree with them " free speech is fine as long as you agree with us " seems to be the way to go :roll:


It's a terrible repression of the freedom to disagree.
We don't need to agree with those that protest and demonstrate but what sort of nation punishes someone who does in this way?
If there is no right to protest and demonstrate as our concience dictates where is the freedom?

Mr Happy

But those are just the maximum fines, I'm sure our CPA could run it up as treason (Queens subjects and all that) with death sentence at the end.
If she illegally broke sanctions simply by buying food and water in Iraq, I'd love to know how many journalists were guilty of the same thing.

In fact, when were the sanctions officially lifted? I'll bet the US and British militaries have broken the sanctions by locally purchasing food and employing interpreters while sanctions were still in place!

Mr Happy

Under Euro Law that is a valid defence (persecution of the individual) - it's one of our better ones actually.

But I suspect under US law she's still fcked. Though it's a good point.

By the way. Under Euro Law, should you ever get hauled up for email/www abuse then ensure that they are treating you the same as everyone else, e.g. Are you saying I'm the ONLY person in the firm that receives personal email? I don't think I am, I think you're persecuting me, lets take this to the next level, bring your cheque book.....

Mr Happy

And if you don't mind chucking in "it's because I'm gay isn't it" you can double your money...

Errrm, non civvies had better not do that actually. Try, "is it cos I took photo's of the CO pistol whipping all those civvies on Grapple 4?" then you'll get a super pension not to tell anyone anything....
Harsh but maybe it will stop the pratts .Next time backing another evil regime what ever you think about the war anyone think some blke chaining themselves to a target gonna stop a smart bomb
But the "prats" have the freedom to exercise their rights even if misguided, is that not what we fight for? But the Yanks have a lot to learn though, take Sen Kennedy, silence from him since Sep 11, his support for terrorists seems to have diminished suddenly. Jane "Hanoi" Fonda, she done more to f**k the morale of the troops in Vietnam than the "prats" did in Iraq, probably Iraq was not fashionable enough for all the other luvvies either.

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