Human rights

The hoo haa about Judges, terrorism and criminal charges led me to think about this Human Rights situation. Seems to me that with a bit of a spiv QC and a following wind, almost any prosecution can be scuppered. Just a small area. Enquiry by the Police. They go out and about making initial enquiries amongst strangers and my friends asking questions about me. Those to whom they speak will think I am a crook merely by virtue of the questions asked. These opinions may not be corrected if I am acquitted unless each and every one is informed by police of the outcome.
I am not told by Police whom they are questioning, exactly what questions they will ask and what answers were given. I am not invited to be present whilst interrogation of witnesses is in progress. I do not know what constitutes discovery but I doubt that I have any information as to every lead taken by police and why these were discounted.
Surely these factors prejudice my human rights as lately established? Oh – no OldRedCap is not in the caccki – other than being photogenic in the presence of speed cameras.
I will happily, as a keen student of the HRA 1998 and the ECHR pontificate on these matters later. I can be astonishingly boring about it, not least because Mr. Blair's "proudest moment" seems to me to be the least thought-out piece of jurisprudence in British legal history.

As for GATSO cameras, well the ones that take a picture of your vehicle's VRN do not abrogate Art. 6 (Right to a Fair Trial) as they are part of the Fixed Penalty regime nor Art. 8 (Right to a Private Life). However, the next generation GATSO that takes a digital photo of your face seems to me to be ripe for a challenge under Art. 8.

I'm still astonished that Scottish law (you live there, do you not, ORC?) still squeaks by Art. 6 when suspects have no initial right to a solicitor in interview. I'm sure, as we speak, minions of Matrix Chambers are toiling away and preparing to take it to Europe.

Yes - I'm an honoury Jock. The law is very different to that South of the Border. Coppers go two by two for corroboration. Some of the charges are strange sounding - did assault A to his injury etc. Fiscal has some quite hefty powers. From view of onlooker and not so much of an insider as of yore, apart from the really shytty bits of Glasgow and Edinburgh, seems to work quite well though. I feel much safer in my wanderings here than I did in Medway Towns three or four years ago.
Surely if they are asking friends about you they are asking friends who know you well enough to provide a character reference and therefore know that you are not a criminal. It is unfair to innocent people, I know but if you look at the alternative, how many criminals would get away without charge because the police could not ask people for information about them and their whereabouts?
Maybe not the sort of question normally covered by a character reference "Have you ever left him alone with your young kids?" I'm sure you must have known people you thought were OK but something happened to cause you to change that opinion? I'm not talking about a real case but whether raising these objects would get a good result.
Just reviewing my history here. Vege never did give us the benefit of his opinion. Scotland is quite practical on law enforcement. I was written to re a speeding photo and asked who was driving. I tried the old story of it was a long journey, me and wife had driven at various times, I did not know where photo taken etc. Sent it off. Almost that same day visited at home by two of Borders police finest who had map etc. I stuck to F. nose and was then told that the action would be taken against me as reg owner of the car. All I would have to do would be prove it was not me driving. Court appearance likely to considerably increase my costs. Could I now remember who had been driving (grin from police)
I elected the missus for it - she had no points and I had 6. Quite honestly though I had no idea who was driving and the photo was no use either.
try here in singapore.
no brief till police finished.
no jury as they can be swayed-3 judges.
and for possesion or murder-automatic changi drop.
no chavs,lovely young ladies wearing less than a lapdancer everywhere and great food.
bad points-beer bloody expensive.
UK-no ta.

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